Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring: Everything You Need To Know

Wide plank hardwood floors are the most sought-out flooring type today – and for good reason. Wide plank floors captivate the senses, emitting an aura of calmness and order. They are also highly unique compared to the traditional flooring styles that have been popular over the years – making them stand out in any space.

What is considered wide plank flooring?

It is generally considered that wide plank hardwood floors start anywhere from 5″ in width and above. However, floors that are truly embraced as wide plank floors are generally 8.5″ and above

This is in comparison to narrow plank hardwood, which can have widths as small as 2″ to 4″ wide.

Both wide plank and regular sized planks can be used interchangeably across different rooms, depending on the specific style you’re aiming for.

Sophisticated Rustic Charm

Wide plank floors go well in just about any space. However, they are the flooring type of choice if you are going for a classic rustic feeling. Wide plank floors, that are specifically manufactured to highlight the wood’s natural properties, can transform you to feeling like you’re in a rustic cabin – emitting sensations of calmness and nature.

Ideal For Large Spaces

Wide plank floors add depth, especially to large spaces, creating a brilliant look of openness. They are great for large open concept spaces, creating a wholesome integrated perception.

Wide Plank – Brand in Focus: Laurentian

Laurentian is a leading flooring brand, specializing in naturally beautiful hardwood floors. Their collections are sourced from North American wood species, and come in brilliant wide plank styles.

Chestnut flooring carries a robust variety of Laurentian floors, in lovely wide plank styles and incredible natural finishes. Click here to see our Laurentain flooring products.

Wide Plank – Brand in Focus: Coswick

Coswick offers a spectacular array of wide plank engineered hardwood floors – manufactured in their exclusive facility in Europe.

Their floor selections are riveting, excelling in craftsmanship, manufacturing methods, and selection of trendy styles.

See some of our Coswick wide plank flooring selections here, or see more of the intriguing and unique styles that this brand has to offer.

Limitless Variety of Styles and Finishes

No two different types of floors are identical – and for wide plank floors there is no exception. Wide plank floors can come in a diverse range of styles and finishes – including wire brushed, hand scraped, distressed, and so much more.

With wide plank being among the most requested and desired type of flooring, we’ve set out to specialize in identifying the most prestigious styles and brands. Our showroom has one of the largest wide plank selections in the GTA at highly competitive price points, all thoroughly screened to meet our quality standards.

Coswick Wide Plank Flooring Collection

Why Chestnut Flooring?

We are the premier flooring distributor in the Greater Toronto Area, specializing in offering flooring products that excel in style & quality – while offering the most competitive pricing.

What makes us really stand out from the rest is that we are actually experts on flooring design and manufacturing. Our professional flooring designers can provide their advanced expertise in a 1 on 1 design consultation – provided absolutely free.

Explore the wonderful world of wide plank flooring by visiting our showroom and our selection of hundreds of wide plank engineered flooring varieties.

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