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What is the Best Flooring for a Small Bathroom?

Selecting flooring for a bathroom will require different considerations than other areas of the house, including the ability to stand up to water spills and minor floods or overflowing sinks and bathtubs. In addition, a small space may be an opportunity to splurge on a more expensive floor, or to choose a style that you like but do not want throughout the house.

Flooring Options


Traditionally bathrooms have been tiled both floor and some of the walls, and this is due to the ability of tile to stand up to water spills and it’s low maintenance care. The two main choices are ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles, both of which offer a wide range of patterns and styles. Each can be installed by a professional to avoid the purchase of the necessary tools, but will cost more than most other options. They have a long life span and can easily be mopped of any spills, making them appealing for any bathroom.


For durability and easy care, a concrete floor may be the right choice. Applied either in it’s natural color for a minimal or industrial look, it can be stained with other colours and even patterns to create the look you prefer. With mopping and sweeping the only main care routines, it will require sealant every few years to avoid stains occurring from any spills. Concrete is resistant to water damage, making it well suited to bathroom flooring.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is the next option with two choices, either the regular roll vinyl floor that can be applied in one large piece across the entire floor, or in luxury versions that come in tiles or planks. These are easy to install and are waterproof – making vinyl a highly suitable option for bathrooms. They are affordable and come in a range of styles and colours to suit any space.

Eco-conscious Alternatives

An environmentally friendly options is a cork flooring. Cork offers a softer and warmer choice as it works well to insulate against cold. With a moisture and mildew resistant build it can be used throughout the space and coated to help protect it from water damages that may occur with large amounts of water or over time.

Another eco conscious solution is to use bamboo flooring. This is a similar appeal to hard wood but is easily replenished in the environment and will last several years when installed correctly. It can easily be installed without a professional and can be swept, mopped, and cleaned in the same way that other flooring can, with a lower price point and starting cost.

Natural stone tiles are a more costly way to tile your bathroom floor, and many will require more maintenance than other options. It’s aesthetic appeal and long life span make it a good fit for any small space, and it will withstand the wear of water well if it is properly cared for.

Whatever flooring you select for your small bathroom, choose a colour that will create the mood you want, light colour to make the space feel bigger or darker colours for a warm feel. Select an option that can withstand regular use and water spills without damaging the floor.

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