What is LVP Flooring and Why Is It So Popular?

If you’re in the market for new flooring, you’ve probably heard the term “LVP flooring” and wondered what it was. LVP flooring is short for luxury vinyl planks and it’s all the rage in trending floor options.

All About LVP Flooring

LVP flooring is one of the most trending types of floorings. It is available in styles that mimic hardwood flooring, stone, and other popular looks. Luxury vinyl tiles are also popular on the market.

The flooring is constructed of several layers. Exactly what the layers contain and how thick they are depend on the manufacturer and style but since they are considered luxury planks, they are of better quality than standard vinyl flooring and are almost always thicker too.

LVP flooring isn’t as flexible as regular vinyl because it’s thicker but that’s a good thing because it is more durable. Installation is a little more difficult but it well worth the effort.


Benefits of LVP Flooring

Many are turning to luxury vinyl for its tons of benefits such as:

Care and Maintenance

LVP is super easy to care for which is an attractive plus. There’s no need to stain or seal it and a simple soap and water clean-up takes care of most everything needed to make the flooring squeaky clean and sparkling.


Since the planks of LVP flooring are thicker than standard ones, they can withstand a lot more wear and tear and lasts much longer too. From heavy foot traffic to toys being scooted on them or furniture being dragged across them, luxury flooring is known for enduring all.


Not only does luxury vinyl flooring planks endure, they do so beautifully. Some flooring can withstand abuse but they show the tell tale signs. LVP doesn’t and that’s one more thing to love about it.


Luxury vinyl planks are very stable underfoot. There is virtually no difference in the way the planks feel when you walk on them than there is when you walk on solid wood flooring or any other thick flooring.


The look and feel of luxury vinyl planks is amazing. There are so many styles to choose from too. You’ll find it looks very natural, unlike some cheaper lines of traditional vinyl flooring.


LVP is basically waterproof unlike engineered hardwood flooring or solid hardwood flooring. It is good for humid locations or rooms in the house that are at risk of flooding such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Vaughan luxury vinyl flooring

Where does luxury vinyl stand in popularity?

Regular vinyl is the starting point in the flooring pecking order. Luxury vinyl is above traditional vinyl. Next in line is laminate, engineered hardwood flooring and then, hardwood flooring. Many people opt for vinyl, like luxury vinyl planks, because it is more affordable than hardwood flooring and it is easier to care for an maintain too.

For those who prefer the easy care of vinyl, LVP is certainly a great option. It is cheaper by the square foot than engineered hardwood and is certainly more affordable than engineered hardwood. It’s also easier to install than hardwood flooring. And, if a piece chips, you can replace it with little effort or expense.

If you are remodeling or laying new flooring, LVP is certainly worth considering. We are pretty sure you’ll be floored when you explore the possibilities of what LVP can do for your home.

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