What is beveled edge hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooring comes in various styles and finishes, and one distinctive feature that adds character and charm is the beveled edge. In this post we’ll delve into what beveled edge hardwood flooring is, whether all hardwood floors come with bevels, and the benefits that this unique design brings to your home.

What’s Beveled Edge Hardwood Flooring?

Beveled edge hardwood flooring is characterized by a V-shaped groove that runs along the seams between the individual planks or tiles. This groove adds a visual separation between each piece, creating depth and dimension in your flooring. The beveled edge mimics the look of traditional hardwood floors, where each plank is distinct and has a subtle groove, contributing to a more authentic and rustic appearance.

Do All Hardwood Floors Come Beveled?

No, not all hardwood floors come with beveled edges. Hardwood flooring can be categorized into three edge types:

  1. Flat Edges: These floors have smooth, straight edges with no beveling. This results in a seamless and uniform appearance, suitable for a more modern and streamlined aesthetic.

  2. Microbeveled Edges: Microbeveled edges are slightly beveled, providing a subtle groove that is smaller and less noticeable than the standard bevel. This option offers a compromise between a completely flat edge and a pronounced bevel, adding a touch of definition without being too prominent.

  3. Beveled Edges: As mentioned earlier, beveled edges have a more pronounced V-shaped groove between the planks or tiles, creating a distinctive separation. This style is often preferred for those seeking a classic, traditional, or rustic look in their hardwood flooring.

Benefits of Beveled Edges

  1. Protection During Installation: Beveled edges play a protective role during the installation process. They help prevent chipping of the finish, ensuring that the flooring retains its aesthetic appeal from the very beginning.

  2. Concealing Unevenness: In some cases, hardwood floors may have slight unevenness or irregularities. Beveled edges cleverly hide these imperfections, providing a seamless and polished appearance. This is especially advantageous in rooms where the subfloor may not be perfectly level.

  3. Authentic Look: The pronounced groove between planks gives beveled edge hardwood flooring an authentic and traditional appearance. This design choice is perfect for those who appreciate the character and charm of a time-worn floor.

To Sum It All Up

Beveled edge hardwood flooring adds a touch of elegance and authenticity to any space. Whether you prefer the clean lines of flat edges, the subtle definition of microbeveled edges, or the classic appeal of beveled edges, each option brings its own unique character to your home. Consider your style preferences, maintenance needs, and the overall aesthetic you wish to achieve when choosing the perfect hardwood flooring for your space.

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