What Colour Hardwood Floor Goes with Oak Cabinets?

Oak cabinets are a traditional choice and are popular across decades due to their durability and the beauty that they present. Whether you are choosing your new oak cabinets, renovating around your existing oak cabinets, or are looking to do the whole kitchen with refinished cabinets and floors, there are many options of flooring that will go well with them. Hardwood floors are one of the top choices to maintain the aesthetic throughout the space and match the flooring to the cabinets.

Hardwood Flooring Choices

When looking to maintain a flow that is easy and matches well, rather than looking for contrasting effect, select a hardwood floor that is similar in shade to your cabinets. The easiest way to do this is to select an oak flooring as it will be similar in shade to the existing cabinets, or when selecting cabinets and flooring at the same time you can choose ones that match exactly. Oak is a durable wood that can last several decades without needing to be repaired or replaced, and this floor will be an investment in the home that can increased home values and provide that look preferred by the homeowner.

Red oak provides a medium brown shade of wood floor, and will have a bit of a red wash to it. This will create an appearance that varies depending on how and where the light entering the room hits the floor and reflects back. Honey oak however, will provide a light shade of wood that will create an open feel to the space and help it to seem brighter.

Nouveau 6 Clic Collection

Maple wood, in contrast, will provide a lighter colour to the floors and will contrast the oak in the cabinets. The lighter colour can make the room seem larger and brighter, and is well suited to smaller kitchens and areas. It can contrast the shades of oak and has a finer grain that will be noticeable through the sealant. For a similar lighter feeling yellow birch can offer a lighter shade of wood that is popular for flooring in any room.

Other shades of birch include a lighter shade through to a dark birch, all with the same type of grain and pattern. If this is the one you prefer the look of you can find a shade that will easily add contrast to the room when added where oak cabinets are present.

For a darker appearance a Brazilian cherry wood can be used. It is durable and long lasting, and the dark color adds a feel of luxury to the room. It can contrast well with oak cabinets, as the shades will never match identically they will compliment each other well.

Where oak cabinets are present many choose to continue using wood flooring to create a flow and continuity to the room. Many woods will offer a contrast to the cabinets or can offer a complimentary shade that will draw the eye to whole space.

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