What Color Wood Floors Go with Dark Cabinets?

Dark wood is one of the most popular trending choices for cabinets. It is a fabulous choice for both modern and traditional decorating schemes. When coupled with he right wood flooring, the combination is divine. But what color wood floors go best with dark cabinets?

A cohesive look and feel in the kitchen (or any room for that matter) is important to bring balance and continuity. The color palettes set the tone of the room and transform the overall design. Picking the wrong color wood can destroy the aesthetics and mood of the room so choose carefully using the information below.

Contrasting Made Simple

Contrasting light and dark colors is pleasing to the eyes. It also keeps a room from being too dark or too light. Here are some excellent color choices for achieving a nice contrast with dark cabinets:

Natural Wood

Natural wood is amazing for kitchens with dark cabinets. The contrast is pleasing to the eye and light flooring gives the room a look of spaciousness. There are many choices when it comes to natural wood so no matter what your decorating scheme is, you are sure to find one that’s a perfect fit.

Oak: Oak is a very popular type of wood flooring. Oak is ideal for most decors and is perfect for high traffic areas and homes with pets and children. They say that oak is timeless and…it’s true. Natural Oak is available in many shades. Just be sure you go with one of the lighter variations.

Pine: Pine is a soft wood that behaves like a hard wood. You get all the perks of soft wood flooring with the benefits of hard. It’s not a wonder pine is a natural choice for thousands of homeowners. Plus, the knows and noticeable wood grains give any room distinctive, somewhat rustic, character. The lighter, the better when it comes to pairing it with dark cabinets,

Hickory: Hickory is beautiful and durable. It can be sanded and stained even lighter if you find it’s not light enough for your dark cabinets. The look is a bit sporadic which is nice against the more uniform appearance of dark cabinets. Many decorating schemes can be employed where there are hickory floors. Hickory requires little maintenance and is excellent when using in homes where the climate is extreme such as snowy areas, tropical locations, and damp places.

Maple: Maple is a delightful light wood that’s nice for hardwood flooring. It has a light, cream-coloring when it is freshly cut that becomes a little reddish-brown or yellowish after extended exposure to the sunlight, so it’s best used indoors and preferably incorporated into an area that doesn’t receive very much direct sunlight. Maple is a favorite for being unique with unusual straight grain patterns that give any room a lot of character.

American Holly: American Holly in its natural form works wonderfully with dark cabinets. It’s very light and the patterns of the grain are quite uniform, so it is nice for a sleek, modern touch. It also helps the room feels spacious and a bit more formal that some other, more rustic, choices. Since American Holly isn’t a popular wood floor choice, it can be difficult to find but in the right situation, it works well.

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Grey is another stellar option for light wood flooring that goes well with dark cabinets. Grey is a wildly popular trending color in today’s interior designs. It is appreciated for its modern, minimalistic contribution but it also works great with vintage, shabby chic, cottage, and even rustic decorating schemes. When coupled with dark cabinets, grey brings a feeling of spaciousness and is fantastic if you are planning to put your home on the market because grey is the top decorating color of choice across the board of homebuyers.

  • Grey Birch: Grey Birch is a stunning light wood that is suitable for flooring to blend with dark cabinets. It looks soft but it is actually harder than oak. Natural highlights within the wood gives it visual appeal and makes it awesome for a modern or classic decorating scheme. The finish can be found in distressed, hand scraped, or smooth.
  • Grey Hickory: There are eighteen species of hickory trees, one of which is grey. The hue makes an outstanding option for light wood flooring to go with dark cabinets. The color variations are nice and interesting. It has a subtle, yet pleasing, character about it so it goes good with most décor.
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White is one of the best wood colors that look great with dark wood flooring. White lightens and brightens up a dark floored room and makes it look larger. Even though it is white, tends to add an air of warmth to the feel of the area. There are different types of white wood flooring. Some of the most common include:

  • White Oak: White Oak is sleek and gorgeous. The grain goes the length of the planks, elongating the look of any room. It is sturdy and durable too with a Janka hardness score of 1360, holding up well to traffic, kids, and pets.
  • Beechwood: Beechwood is naturally light in color tone, ranging from shades of white to dark brown. The light toned options are excellent choices for flooring when contrasting with dark cabinets. The wood is known for its erratic colors and structure and is often steamed prior to planking to bring more balance and beauty.
  • White Pine: Both Eastern and Wester White Pine is beautifully fit for light hardwood flooring to accentuate dark cabinetry. White pine is technically a softwood but it’s actually quite durable and becomes harder as it experiences wear and tear.

Nailing It Down

No matter which color wood flooring you choose to go with your dark cabinets, if it’s light, it’s right. The rest will depend upon your decorating scheme and personal preference. Knowing the options available to you will help nail down the best choice for you personally.

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