What Color Cabinets Go with Gray Floors?

So, you’re set on gray floors, maybe even committed. Now it’s time to decide on a color for the cabinets and you’re stumped. Now what?

Gray is one of the most popular colors of flooring on the market. Find out what color cabinets the experts are recommending.

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Eight Colors of Cabinets to Choose From

Gray is a neutral color, so you’ll be happy to know you’ll have plenty of choices when pairing you cabinet paint to your gray flooring. The color you pick should be centered around your personal preference, the style of decorating in your home, and the shade of grey in your floor.

  1. Black. Black and gray look wonderful together. The combination has “classy” written all over it. It is usually best in a contemporary style home but can, with a little know-how, be pulled off in most any decorating scheme. Do be sure that the shades compliment one another. Some tones of black clash with certain grays.
  2. White. White is a trendy kitchen cabinet color so why not be on the safe side. White and gray give an elegant appeal to the room. Do be forewarned that you’ll want to use a washable paint since white will show dirty handprints and most everything else it encounters.
  3. Black and White. Black and white painted cabinets offer a beautiful contrast. The combination is excellent for a formal or modern setting but can also be used in an informal decorating scheme with black and white buffalo print curtains and chair and table coverings. You can get creative and experiment in how exactly to paint the cabinets two colors. It is a cinch if the cabinets have dimension to them where each dimension can be alternating in the black and white scheme.
  4. Darker Gray. Going a shade or two darker on the cabinets than the gray on the flooring is a very effective way to highlight the cabinets. Be sure to bring a sample of paint home to make sure they are in the same gray family so they don’t clash. Some grays are blueish while others are more black or even green so don’t neglect checking to be sure.
  5. Lighter Gray. Just as darker gray on the cabinets is an option, going a shade or two lighter is nice too. Again, be sure to bring a sample of paint home so you can make sure they go together and don’t clash.
  6. Green. Green shades of paint look amazing with green-based gray flooring. From dark green to faint tints of green in white paint, the effect is surprisingly pleasant.
  7. Blue. Blue paint works well with gray flooring that has a blue hue in it. You may have to try several blue samples first though because there are so many shades of blue and not all will match up with your gray-blue flooring.

Gray flooring is great on so many levels and having a myriad of options of colors to paint the cabinets is one more reason it’s a fabulous choice.

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