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What are the current popular flooring colors?

Floor colors should generally be selected depending on your design, and how the floors integrate with the style and themes of the rooms they’ll be installed in. However, there are some color variations that have emerged as being more popular currently and in previous years.


Gray hues have caught a lot of traction in more recent years. Traditionally, flooring trends have geared toward colors that closely resemble natural wood colors. However, with the limitless possibilities that can be reached with staining, different ‘unorthodox’ hues have risen in popularity. Among them, gray hues are largely popular at the moment. They provide a cool and calm ambience, and are excellent with matching with a wide spectrum of furnishings and wall colors.

Dark Tones

Following the same trends of moving towards colors that aren’t as prevalent among natural woods, really dark tones have emerged as a popular option over the years. Particularly, black or off-black tones have gained significant popularity. They provide a strong and bold statement, and offer little distraction from the other accentual pieces within a space

Terra Collection - Imperial Pecan

Light Tones

Light tones are great for those who like the natural organic feel of a space. They make a room feel warm and inviting, and provide a perception of more surface area. Specifically, light-colored oak hardwood floors are among the most popular varieties in this category.


In conclusion, current trends have moved towards simple hues – such as dark, light, and gray tones – rather than dynamic colors, such as mahogany, that used to be more popular in the past. Trends have also moved away from natural tones that resemble wood, to ones that are more daring and explorative. Regardless of the current trends, the key factor to selecting a color is choosing one that fits the room and the effect you’re trying to achieve.

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