Top 7 Trends You Can Follow With Your Vinyl Flooring In 2021

Once considered the low-budget and low-end flooring choice, the performance and elegant aesthetic of today’s vinyl is a far cry from its past reputation. Today, designer looks are pulled together with the flexible beauty these types of floors. At Chestnut Flooring, we’ve got our eyes on some of the leading trends in flooring design. Here we’ll highlight 7 popular vinyl options you can get in on for 2021.

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1. Hardwood-look vinyl flooring

Do you dream of hardwood floors in an impractical area of your home like the basement, bathroom or kitchen? Perhaps your busy house has heavy foot traffic, spills, pets and children, and you know the wear and tear is too much for wood to be installed in your kitchen. Many people want to warm up a below-grade room, but they know moisture and hardwood don’t mix.

Available in tiles or planks that mimic real solid wood board, this incredible material is printed with high definition grain, knots and detail so life-like, you’ll have trouble telling it apart from the real thing. Vinyl can be embossed with natural wood texture as well so even up close, the feel and effect is that of real wood. Luxury vinyl flooring combines the high-end effect of hardwood with the strength and waterproof capability of vinyl.

2. Vinyl flooring that appears to be stone

Just as easily as it mimics hardwood, this flooring can appear to be stone as well. From brick to terracotta, to elegant marble and slate, your floor can mirror any high-end finish you choose without the hard, cold feel underfoot, or the high price tag. Kitchens are instantly warmed with the addition of vinyl brick tiles and the options for your personal spa retreat are endless.

3. Mix planks and tiles for personalized creations

It’s never been more affordable to experiment with various high-quality materials to create mosaics, edges and floor patterns all your own. You can mix and match the look of ceramic tiles, stones and bricks to create a lively or old-world design. Edge the room,and its features with different colours and textures. Vinyl makes what was once impractical and expensive, achievable, and much more fun.

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 4. Create a metallic look

A trend taking off is vinyl flooring in bold, metallic finishes. The look can be opulent and luxe, or clean and modern. Brushed chrome or silver pairs well with stainless steel appliances. Because vinyl is so customizable, you can have the effect of industrial steel, iron, copper, and tarnished patinas to compliment your design theme, appliances and furniture.

5. Flooring can separate spaces

Vinyl can be used to create separations of space in your home. You can visually designate a seating area in the Livingroom in lieu of a floor rug or pattern each room’s floor in contrast. Separations can be stark and defined or subtle gradations that blend into different themes for each space. There’s no limit to where your creativity can go.

6. Cool neutral tones are in

Gray tones and whitewashed palettes are big in design right now. Yellow and warmer colours aren’t as popular, and many people are choosing neutral white, gray or black shades for their floors. This allows excellent flexibility with décor and accent pieces and the option to change up a look entirely from time to time. Some colours are considered cool as well and work well in the new colour schemes. Greens and blues are a good choice, but avoid beige, yellow, orange and red.

7. Create a classic Pattern

Does your family have a crest? Or do you wish to honour ethnic roots with a patterned motif? You can invent a pattern or work recognized symbols and shapes into your floor using various colours and vinyl tile shapes. Vinyl is easy to work with which means you can cut and customize it as well. Ask a pro for help if you have an idea you could use a hand with.

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