The Ultimate Guide To Maintaining Your Laminate Floors

You wear clothes to protect yourself from various climates and a protective cover on your mobile phone to protect it from day-to-day harm – don’t you? In the same way, even floorboards need a proper protective layer so as to protect it from various hazards and mild scratches. That is where laminated floors come into picture.


How laminate floors are different – and how this affects maintenance

Laminate flooring consists of a hybrid floor covering which ensures the protection of your floor board and gives it a very attractive texture, and the installation is similar like that of hardwood floor board installation. But the maintenance and cleaning of laminated floor is equally necessary so that you get an effective laminated floor board.

Multiple boards are combined with the tongue-and-groove system. Laminate flooring has got certain layers; the top most is the durable and long lasting plastic layer that is responsible for the protection of the layers below it, the next one is the floor pattern layer that gives the floor the attractive appearance; you can choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns for this layer. Then comes in the core layer which is made up of High Density Fiberboard, it gives shock absorbance ability to the floor. Finally it is all layered down to the balancing layer that acts as the moisture barrier and a stable base for the entire flooring.

The benefits of this hybrid flooring provides the following:

  • Water resistance
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Quiet
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Glue and nail-free
  • Cleaner for the environment

Because laminate flooring is its own unique product, it has different maintenance needs than other types of flooring. Lucky for you, though, laminate flooring is much easier to maintain as opposed to something more traditional like hardwood flooring. Let’s discuss.

How does laminate flooring fit into your life?

Due to high durability, this floor material is easier to maintain than many others and will continue to look much better with less effort. With design nearly identical to stone, slate, wood and tile, this modern flooring can be used anywhere in the home, including bathrooms, entryways and kitchens. These areas can also get dirty faster and require regular cleaning.

Many laminate floor owners have small children or pets which can be tough on floors, but laminate maintenance means worry-free living, no matter who shares your home. Laminate floors excel in locking out dirt, dust and grime; however, they can’t do it all alone. You will still need to sweep and clean it to protect its beauty. Unlike solid hardwood floors, laminate can’t usually be refinished more than once, if at all, so that beautiful, sturdy surface is worth maintaining.

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The 3 basics of maintaining your laminate floors

Sweep or vacuum once per week

Sweeping is one of the easiest and effortless floor cleaning routines. Dirt and dust particles don’t just dull the attractiveness and exclusiveness of your home, but also cause tiny cracks and scratches in the laminated floor that deteriorates the surface of your floors. You should make sure that you sweep your laminated flooring at least once a week, and if you wish to opt for something even more comfortable, then you can always use a vacuum cleaner to ward off the dust. Do not forget to make sure that you use a soft mop for sweeping and change the settings of your vacuum cleaner accordingly. You can also make use of a steam mop occasionally for deep cleansing of the laminated flooring.

Wipe Up Spills Without Delay

Laminate floors may look like they are protected and completely waterproof but the fact is that they are not. Liquids tend to seep overnight into the layers of the flooring, hence it is best to clean up and wipe off the spills immediately and ensure that you use a dry cloth afterwards to make sure that all the dampness is gone.

Gentle scraping is okay – but be careful!

Gentle scraping with a plastic scraper will easily cut through any grime such as candle wax or chewing gum. Take measures to prevent scratching of your floor while doing this. Laminate floor specific cleaning materials exist, and you may inquire about recommended products through your trusted flooring retailer. Use of quality products can help to keep your floor clean and leave it beautiful for years. Avoid any form of steel wool or bleaches along with detergents. Treat your floor well, and it will reward you with years of catalogue quality service.

The “do’s” and “don’ts” of laminate flooring maintenance

If you adhere to the above 3 basics, you’re 90% of the way there in terms of maintaining your laminate floors. However, for those who want to go the extra mile, below is a thorough list of “do’s” and “don’ts” to keep in mind when maintaining your laminate floors:



  • Clean your floors regularly with a vacuum cleaner or soft bristle broom.

Depending on the level of traffic and use of the room, you may not need to sweep every day, but every other day is a good benchmark to strive for. Laminate is extremely easy to sweep up, and if you do use a vacuum, check that the beater brush is high enough to avoid battering the finish.

  • Use a microfibre mop rather than a traditional one

Excess moisture is the enemy when it comes to maintaining your laminate flooring in Toronto. Traditional mops can slosh too much water and push the liquid around instead of absorbing it rapidly as microfibre can.

  • Take care when moving furniture

The wear layer coating your laminate is extraordinarily durable, but there’s no reason to take chances. If you’re moving furniture, you can protect the finish by lifting rather than dragging pieces across the room. You can also invest in protective pads for the feet of chairs to avoid wear over time from sliding back and forth.

  • Anticipate where excess moisture and dirt may cause problems

Pay attention to the areas where it is most likely that water could drip, splash or be tracked in, and protect those spots with good quality floor mats. For example, an absorbentrug placed in front of a washing machine can catch moisture flung off clothes that are being transferred into the dryer or a laundry basket. If you’ve installed laminate in a bathroom, a cozy floor covering outside the shower will pamper your feet and protect against warping or water stains.

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  • Use wax, varnish, or detergents on your floor

These products may be advertised for improving and maintaining glossiness, but they can actually lead to a filmy buildup that does just the opposite. When you clean, it will be sufficient to add a few drops of dish soap in a bucket of water and then moisten a cloth or mop with the mixture.

  • Leave any kind of wet mess unattended

Damage by moisture is the greatest threat to the long-term beauty of your laminate flooring in Toronto. Only the core material is susceptible to water damage, and it is protected by the waterproof wear layer above and a sealant coating below. However, if pools or puddles are left to sit, the liquid can seep through the seams where the planks were fitted together, and into the core through the unprotected edges. After mopping, consider passing a dry mop or towel to absorb any excess moisture that remains.

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