What is SuperSolid Engineered Flooring?

As the name implies, SuperSolid is a subcategory of engineered flooring that takes the benefits and properties of engineered planks and takes them to the next level. Understanding the source of these differences is key to learning the benefits of this new type of engineered floor.

SuperSolid Engineered Flooring Toronto

Engineered wood

A traditional engineered wood plank has a layer of hardwood over top of crisscrossing plywood boards that form a supportive core. In SuperSolid engineered floors, the plywood core is instead replaced by more hardwood. This approach combines the structural strength of crisscrossing boards with the durability of traditional hardwood.

This adds a new dimension to hardwood flooring because SuperSolid engineered boards can be used in more places and under a broader swath of conditions than even the already durable engineered boards.

Installation freedom

One of the bigger changes that SuperSolid engineered floors brings to hardwood flooring is that it can be installed over numerous different types of surfaces. The boards can be installed over top concrete, timber, joists, and the dry-sawn upper layers keep the wood from cracking or splitting. This added resilience means it can be installed above or below grade, over radiators, or over other types of underfloor heating systems.


Better With Humidity

If you take a SuperSolid engineered board and compare it to traditional engineered hardwood, you will find that the latter is thicker. However, the wood that makes up a SuperSolid board’s core is denser than the plywood used in traditional engineered planks. This makes SuperSolid hardwood planks thinner but still stronger when it comes to resisting impacts or weight.

Ambient moisture is always a concern with wood floors, whether it’s from the local climate or a nearby sink or shower. This recurrent bugbear of  hardwood flooring is reduced with SuperSolid engineered wood, since these planks can withstand up to 70% relative humidity. On the opposite end of the scale, SuperSolid boards can handle dry air as well and hold up under up to 20% humidity. For comparison, the ideal humidity range for comfort is between 40% and 60%.


Since it is a relatively new development, SuperSolid engineered hardwood is not available in the same assortment of woods as traditional engineered floors. Most SuperSolid products on the market right now are made from oak. Bear in mind that although material is limited, style is not.

SuperSolid boards can come in the full assortment of wood colours such as blacks, reds, browns, greys, and more. SuperSolid engineered wood is compatible with the same types of finishes as other models, allowing you to further customize the appearance of your floors. It is also possible to choose whether you want to get a board unfinished or have it prefinished by the manufacturer. This flexibility ensures that SuperSolid engineered hardwood has the same versatility of traditional engineered wood while still providing enhanced durability and resilience.

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