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Custom Flooring

Custom Flooring is the best way to express your true style and to create a design that looks and feels perfect in every way. Whether you have a particular style already in mind, or if you would like to explore the limitless realms of possibilities, our in-house flooring experts will guide you through every step of the way.
Custom Flooring Design

A Flooring Design That Perfectly Fits You

Achieve the interior look of your dreams with a completely custom design. We can help you navigate through the endless possibilities of flooring types, styles, colors, wood species, and finishes.

Our custom projects typically focus around solid hardwood floors. Depending on your needs, however, we can create a full custom flooring plan integrating different materials, including laminate, luxury vinyl, and carpet. 

Covering Every Step

From Design To Execution

In addition to our in-house flooring planning & design experts, we also have our own team of professional flooring installers. This allows us to complete every stage of your custom flooring project – from the planning & design stage to execution. 

Our hardwood installers specialize in complete solid hardwood installation using various methods, including:

  • Nail & Glue unfinished hardwood
  • Nail down only unfinished hardwood
  • Sand & Stain hardwood
Unlimited Possibilities

Introducing you to an infinite range of possibilities

Floor materials / wood species

Hardwood comes in a wide range of wood species, each with their own unique strengths and characteristics. Some examples of wood species that we work with include: Oak, Maple, Ash, Brazilian Cherry, Hickory, Walnut, Mahogany, and many more.

Plank size

As we offer custom milling, we’re able to create planks in a range of sizes including extra wide & long planks – a popular look that is widely desired among many.

Patterned Designs & Trims

Patterned floors are a great way to provide great character to any space. Patterns can be cohesively integrated with custom trims and other floor plank styles to create a sophisticated one-of-a-kind look.

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Tell Us About Your Custom Flooring Vision

Our expert flooring team will guide you through anything that you need to know about our custom flooring design & installation service.

Virtual Custom Design Consultation

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Book a video or voice call with our flooring pros to discuss your custom flooring vision.

Unique Creations

Creating the bold and daring

We are always looking to push the envelope in what’s possible, by creating completely new bold and unique styles and flooring innovations.

Take for example this new piece that we have recently developed, combining marble and hardwood.

The process involved carefully designing the pattern layout within Autocad, and then carefully fabricating the two flooring materials into a single unit.

This is just an example of the many creative styles that we have developed. Visit us at our showroom to see more real-life examples of some of our past executions.

Our Past Work

A collection of our past custom flooring design executions

We’re proud to showcase our past custom flooring designs and executions.

See our gallery below for examples of some of our past work. To see a more comprehensive gallery of past projects, visit us in store.

Speak With Our Flooring Pros

Design Consultations With Our Flooring Experts

Reach for the highest level of precision and something that truly represents you.

Our in-house design pros can help you achieve the style of your dreams – or help you discover styles that appear out of the ordinary.

We will guide you through every single detail, from all of the intricate details that can be incorporated into your design, to costs and future maintenance considerations.

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