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Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is a composite product made of wood and plastic, which has been used as an alternative to traditional wood. In flooring, this material is often referred to as WPC luxury vinyl flooring. Wood Plastic Composite was originally designed for use in the construction industry, but it’s now gaining popularity with many other industries because of its versatility and cost-effectiveness.

Benefits of WPC flooring

WPC vinyl floors offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Eco-Friendly: Wood Plastic Composite products are generally made with a significant proportion of recycled materials. Not only does it reduce how much goes to contaminate landfills and lessen wood consumption in production, recycling also leaves behind less waste for disposal.
  • Cost effective: Given that vinyl flooring is generally much more cost effective than wood flooring, WPC floors will generally cost less than many other floor options.
  • A variety of colors and designs: WPC is available in a wide range of styles, including ones that resemble the look of real wood.
  • Easy to install: WPC floors can be installed using the floating installation method, which is generally much easier, requires less tools, and is a great DIY option.
AquaPlus with underpad Collection

What are the differences between WPC and SPC floors?

The other major popular type of luxury vinyl floor material besides WPC is SPC (Stone Plastic Composite)

Although the two do have key similarities, there are some differences between the two, including:

  1. Material: WPC is made of wood and plastic composite, while SPC is made of stone and plastic composite. This difference in material can affect the look, durability, and overall performance of the flooring.

  2. Thickness: SPC is typically thinner than WPC, with a thickness ranging from 3.2 mm to 7 mm. WPC, on the other hand, can range from 5 mm to 8 mm in thickness.

  3. Stability: Due to its stone composite core, SPC is more stable than WPC, making it a better option for areas with fluctuating temperature and humidity levels.

  4. Durability: Both WPC and SPC are highly durable and resistant to scratches, stains, and wear and tear. However, SPC is often considered more durable due to its stone composite core.

  5. Waterproofing: Both WPC and SPC are waterproof, making them suitable for use in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.

  6. Installation: Both WPC and SPC can be installed using similar methods, such as click-lock or glue-down. However, due to the rigidity of SPC, it can be more challenging to install than WPC.

Featured Collection: Latitude Luxury Prima Collection

Purparket’s Latitude Luxury Prima Collection offers a realistic wood appearance, in Luxury Vinyl form. It’s Pur-Core technology exceeds in performance, providing the lowest surface abrasion in the market. Coming in stunning 9″ wide planks, this collection is designed to create a strong aesthetic impact.

Floor Type: Luxury Vinyl – WPC
Width: 9″
Length: 60″
Thickness: 9.5mm
Installation: Float, Glue

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