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Stone Plastic Composite (SPC)

Stone Plastic Composite is a material that has been gaining popularity as of late because it offers the best of both worlds as they are low-maintenance and very durable.

SPC as its commonly referred to stands for Stone Plastic Composite. SPC are a type of luxury vinyl floors that are engineered using a composite material, made using a combination of limestone and stabilizers.

This composite core is highly durable and boasts all the functional benefits you would expect from regular tile–plus some added aesthetic ones too!

How Is SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring Constructed?

SPC floors are commonly constructed of several layers, including:

  • UV coating: Used to stop discolouration caused by exposure to sunlight.
  • Wear layer: This is a transparent top coat that keeps your vinyl in pristine condition. The SPC’s refinements to the stain and scratch resistance come from its exclusive use of this durable protection system.
  • Vinyl top coat layer: The vinyl top coat layer is a thin but essential component that ensures your floors are waterproof and maintain their shine. This will also serve as the main aesthetic appeal for those who want an eye catching design with patterned textures in different colors!
  • SPC core base layer: The core of SPC flooring is created by engineering a combination of limestone and stabilizers, creating an incredibly strong durable core for all your flooring needs.
  • The underlayer: Alternatively, SPC vinyl tiles can be laid on foam or cork underlay to dampen noise and soften the impact of footsteps on top.
Handscraped T&G Hickory Collection

Featured Collection: Rockies Collection

The Rockies collection from Quickstyle embodies characteristics of the magnificent mountain range its named after – sporting lovely earthy tones. It comes in elegantly wide 7″ planks, that are sure to make a commanding visual impact in any space.

Floor Type: Luxury Vinyl – SPC
Width: 7″
Length: 48″
Thickness: 5mm
Installation: Float, Drop Lock

Benefits Of SPC Flooring

Stone Plastic Composite vinyl flooring has an a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Resistant To Moisture: Stone Plastic Composite will not absorb moisture due to the fact that many are waterproof. This means that it will not warp, rot or swell.
  • Comfort: SPC vinyl plank flooring is a great option for those who want to find comfort underfoot. The thick, multi-layer composition provides an extra cushion and softness when opting in with an underlay.
  • Resistant To Scratches: SPC vinyl planks are resistant to scratches due to their wear layer.
  • Easy To Install: A significant benefit of Stone Plastic Composite is how easy they are to install. There is no need for any glue, nails or adhesive as they simply snap together using the floating installation method.
  • Waterproof: SPC floors are waterproof which means that it will not warp, rot or swell. They are easy to clean because of their water resistance properties you can easily wash them with a damp cloth or mop without worrying about damage!
  • Non-Slip: This type of vinyl flooring will not become slippery due to the fact that it has a slip resistant surface on them meaning you can walk up and down with ease!
  • UV Resistant: The sun’s rays typically cause wear and damage this floors, usually in the form of discolouration. SPC floors are generally resistant to the effects of UV exposure. 
  • High Shock Resistance: You don’t have to worry about damaging your floors while using them either indoors or outdoors. SPC floors are also resistant against corrosion as well which means it’ll last a long time!
  • Low Maintenance: Stone Plastic Composite Vinyl is incredibly easy to maintain and looks great for years of use. You can easily clean it with just soap and water or even mop up spills on the floor without worrying about staining the surface because it resists stains so well!
  • Affordability: They are very affordable and great for any room in the house. Whether you’re looking to revamp your kitchen, bathroom or even child’s bedroom this is a cost effective way of doing it!
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    Make a bold design statement with SPC floors

    SPC luxury vinyl floors are one of the top flooring material choices, for many reasons. Not only are they very durable and practical (with waterproof / water resistant qualities), they also come in very stylish forms. In addition, they also generally come at a lower price point than other flooring selections.

    Visit us in store and become acquainted with our wide selection of SPC floors, in beautifully elegant styles and some of the lowest costs per square foot in the market.


    Overall, Stone Plastic Composite(SPC) Luxury Vinyl is a great type of flooring that has many benefits over traditional materials. The innovative composite material that these floors are made of gives it its incredible strengths and benefits.

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