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Solid Hardwood

When it comes to designing a beautiful work or living space, many agree that wood is a timeless and classic choice. With it’s natural & warm character, the ambience that solid hardwood floors bring is unparalleled.
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    Solid Hardwood Vs. Engineered

    Although both wood floor options are made up of 100% real wood, the difference lies in the construction. As the name suggests, solid hardwood consists of a solid piece of wood that has been milled from a single piece of lumber. This type of hardwood is prepared for plank style flooring and comes in a number of species, widths and lengths.

    Engineered hardwood on the other hand, is made up of layers of wood materials. The core of the plank generally consists of either plywood or solid wood, whereas the top layer, known as the ‘wear layer’ is solid wood. The surface colour and wood grain are different than what is inside.

    A long-term investment

    One of the biggest benefits of solid hardwood flooring is the fact that the thickness of the wood gives it solid structural stability and allows it to be refinished multiple times over the course of its life. Many people are familiar with stories of old houses that revealed solid wood floors under carpet or linoleum during renovations. Those traditional wood floors from 100 years ago can be finished beautifully today, again and again.

    On or Above Grade Installation

    If you are renovating your home, it is also important to consider which area the flooring will be installed in before you make a decision. 

    For instance, solid hardwood is typically recommended for the first or second levels of your home, and never for below grade levels such as basements. This is because solid hardwood is not designed to hold up well in moist and damp environments with unstable temperatures and humidity levels. 

    Solid wood has an organic quality to it that people love but it does tend to absorb moisture and this can lead to uneven lay of the planks. Engineered hardwood on the other hand is designed to withstand warping and can be used on any level of a home, including most basements.


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