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Mosaic Flooring

Mosaic Pattern Wood Flooring: Step Into Elegance

Mosaic wood flooring is luxurious yet practical. While the patterns are highly beloved, it’s not one that everyone opts for so it not overused. Therefore, mosaic flooring continues to hold a welcome and unique charm to the beholder.

Mosaic Floors Collection

What is Mosaic Pattern Flooring?

Mosaic flooring is a pattern that’s created by small regular or irregular pieces of wood. The pattern can form an image or can be totally abstract.

Mosaic flooring innovatively blends the benefits of engineered and solid flooring. Each of the modules typically have the dimensions of 25″ x 25″ with two layers. The top layer is composed of solid wood while the base consists of a birch plywood that is moisture resistant.

Ash, cherry, hard maple, mahogany, pine, teak, red and white oak and walnut are among the best woods to use for creating the mosaic wood pattern.

The Mosaic Collection

Coswick’s Mosaic Floors Collection is created for modern interiors with an elegant timeless charm. It unites the aesthetics of the classically elegant mosaic pattern with the reliability of modern manufacturing technologies.

Wood Type: Oak
Dimensions: 25″ x 25″ x 3/4″ (19.05mm)
Installation: Glue / Nail
Texture: Wirebrushed

The History of Mosaic Flooring

The history of the mosaic design dates back to the third millennium BC in Mesopotamia. Mosaic patterns were made from pebbles in Tiryns in Mycenean Greece. By the ancient Roman and Greek eras, mosaic was widely in art, on walls for decoration, and on flooring too.

Throughout the years, mosaic has been in many castles, palaces, homes, and businesses. It is considered high-end, a reflection of good taste with an artsy flair.

Mosaic Floors Collection

Benefits of Hardwood Mosaic Flooring

Mosaic patterned wood is one of the most beloved in flooring choices. Here are some of the many reasons why:

  • Durable: The pattern is given to enhance the life of the wood.
  • Beauty: Mosaic patterned flooring is mesmerizing. It is a piece of art and a floor, all in one.
  • Timeless: The mosaic pattern of flooring has been around for centuries and won’t be going out of style anytime soon.
  • Versatile: Mosaic flooring goes with most any décor. From rustic to glamorous and all points in between, it adds a terrific touch to any room.
Mosaic Floors Collection

Mosaic Floors For Sophisticated Palettes

See how mosaic floors can be integrated with your existing interior layout. See all of these selections up close for yourself, or speak with our flooring design pros to get expert tips and guidance on how to take your patterned floor design to the next level.

Browse at your own pace and ask us everything that you need to know. Visit us in store today.

Drawbacks of Mosaic Wood Flooring

Along with all the perks of using mosaic hardwood flooring, there are a few downfalls, including:

  • Installation: Because laying mosaic flooring is difficult, it doesn’t make a good do-it-yourself project. You’ll need to hire an individual or team who is experienced in installation which can be expensive.
  • Repair: Mosaic pattern wood flooring tends to last a long time and is very durable but if the unthinkable happens and a chunk chisels out or a piece or two come lose, the repair work isn’t cheap.
Mosaic Floors Collection

Know Before You Go

Mosaic wood floor patterns require skill both in crafting and in installation. You will want to make sure you purchase quality flooring and that the team that installs it are well qualified. Otherwise, you’ll shell out a lot of money for nothing. But, if you take care of your end and go with a reputable company and installers, the end result is sure to be nothing less than magnificent.

Mosaic Floors Collection
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