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Herringbone Flooring

The Herringbone Pattern: A Timeless Classic

Herringbone patterns add the perfect touch to wood flooring.  They provide just enough design to break up the monotony, but aren’t so dramatic they overwhelm the room.  Herringbone flooring is one of the most popular and enduring patterns on the market.

Divine Flooring Herringbone Collection
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    Divine Flooring Herringbone Collection

    What is Herringbone Flooring?

    Herringbone is a pattern named for the herring fish that sports a bone structure that looks very similar. It is one of the most recognizable of flooring patterns although for those who aren’t familiar with it sometimes mistake it for a chevron pattern which is quite similar. A herringbone is distinguished by its perfect rectangle pattern that is present in each block whereas a chevron pattern consists of parallelograms instead of rectangles.

    The notorious herringbone design on flooring is accomplished by placing rectangle wood blocks in a broken zig-zag pattern in a way that puts one of the plank sides into the end of another. The blocks meet and form a straight line at the point where the ends touch.

    Herringbone is a pattern that’s beloved by many homeowners because it is just enough. It makes a definite style statement but doesn’t interfere with what’s going on elsewhere in the room such as the furnishings and wall décor. With a sea of material choices including oak, walnut, and all other types of timber used on floors, it comes as no surprise that herringbone is the top choice for many.

    History of Herringbone Wood Flooring

    The herringbone pattern dates back at least to the ancient Romans who incorporated the design in their roads.  Being expert builders for their time, the Romans realized their roadways would last longer if they laid the bricks where they were pointing in the same direction as the traffic was flowing.  

    The first settlers in the early American colonies discovered that wood from the vast forests were readily available to them.  They soon found that wood flooring afforded insulation from the ground as well as a nice look and feel to their homes and log cabins.  Certain patterns, such as the herringbone, were widely used due to their longevity and durability.  Although working the wood into planks to assemble in herringbone patterns was not easy, they stepped up to the challenge to reap the advantages this type of flooring afforded for them.  

    The herringbone pattern for wood flooring never goes out of style.  It’s been around throughout the ages and it is clear it’s not going away anytime soon. 

    Divine Flooring Herringbone Collection

    Benefits of Herringbone Flooring

    There are a myriad of benefits the herringbone pattern brings to the table… or to the floor in this case. Some of the many reasons to choose the design are:

    • Function: As the Romans found, the herringbone style is conducive to long-lasting flooring. Even when it’s laid in high-traffic areas, this pattern holds up to its share of abuse.
    • Endurance: Because the pattern functions so well with whatever is dished out, it lasts for decades. When compared to other, more traditional, patterns, it can hold up years longer.
    • Beauty: The herringbone pattern is gorgeous. It compliments other features of the room rather than stealing the spotlight for itself.
    • Versatile: Timeless yet trendy, the herringbone design fits in with almost any décor.
    • Affordability: Herringbone patterns can be found in every price range so there are options any budget can afford.
    Herringbone Collection

    Drawbacks of Herringbone Floors

    Along with the many pluses of the infamous pattern, there are a few disadvantages of having it including:

    • Installation: Installing herringbone patterns is an involved process. It is not recommended for unskilled individuals to take it on as a do-it-yourself project. Therefore, a professional will need to be hired to do the install and that can be costly, depending on the amount of space it’s to cover and the type of wood that’s used.
    • Repair: Just as the herringbone patterns is not a cinch to install, it’s not that cheap or simple to repair. Fortunately, it is very durable under high traffic and other stressful situations.
    • Change: If you are one who likes to change your flooring periodically, you may not want to invest in herringbone patterned wood flooring. It is built to last and isn’t cheap to replace.
    Divine Flooring Herringbone Collection

    Considerations of Purchasing Herringbone Wood Flooring

    One of the best things about choosing a herringbone wood flooring is the many options you’ll have at your fingertips. There are tons of wood materials at your disposal which come in a slew of price ranges. You will want to brush up on the quality of wood material you are selecting. Only purchase from a company that is known to be trustworthy and dependable. Since your purchase will also most likely include installation, do your homework on hiring a highly-skilled team to complete the work.

    Herringbone Collection
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