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Chevron Flooring

Chevron Wood Flooring:  A Noble Choice

The chevron pattern is a very popular type of parquet wood flooring fashion. Known for making a worldwide fashion statement, the chevron flooring style graces some of the most renowned homes, manors, and palaces on earth. If you are considering chevron for your home, there are some things you should know first. Read on to find out more.

Herringbone Collection
Divine Flooring Chevron Collection

What is Chevron Patterned Wood Flooring?

Chevron wood flooring consists of an invert V-shape. The pattern has the appearance of a long, straight line of arrows. Sometimes confused with the herringbone pattern, the chevron is designated by its parallelogram shapes rather than the rectangular ones herringbone patterns have.

A chevron pattern is created by the ends of each of the floorboards being cut at such an angle that when the two meet up, they form a distinct V shape. To make the pattern possible, the planks are narrower and shorter than normal wood flooring planks are as they are cut at a 45 degree angle and fitted together directly at a point.

All types of wood can be shaped in chevron patterns. Because of the manner in which the pieces are crafted, the design tends to bring out the ultimate beauty in the wood it is constructed of. Oak, including white oak, walnut, and hickory are excellent material choices when it comes to chevron patterned wood flooring.

The Chevron Collection

The Chevron collection is a modern, technologically superior take on the traditional French floor. Manufactured using cutting-edge equipment, each plank is milled to precision. Such a process guarantees fast and flawless flooring installation.

Wood Type: American Walnut, Ash, Oak
Widths: 3.25″, 4.25″, 5″, 7.48″
Lengths: 12.6″, 20.9″
Thicknesses: 15mm, 19.05mm
Installation: Glue / Nail
Texture / Finish: Lacquer, Silk Oil Ultra Matte

The Rich History of Chevron Wood Flooring

The use of the chevron pattern dates back at least to the Bronze Age when it was used in ancient pottery designs and in rock carvings in Crete. The design, along with the herringbone patterns, was used on Roman roads to make them hold up longer.

Chevron patterned flooring was first recorded in 16th century Europe. The concept was noted to resemble two roof beams and was, therefore, called “chevron”, an abstract offshoot of the Latin word “caprio” which means “rafters”.

The flooring design caught on quick due to its aesthetics, superior function, and because the chevron pattern itself symbolizes nobility and rank. It was wildly popular during the 17th and 18th centuries but in the carpet frenzy of the 1980s, it began to diminish. Today, chevron patterned parquet wood flooring is experiencing a reemergence as carpets and vinyl coverings are being peeled back to reveal beautiful chevron patterns beneath. New chevron wood floorings are being laid in record numbers as well. It is becoming clear that chevron flooring is a timeless pattern that will never go out of style.

Benefits of Chevron Flooring

There are scores of advantages to using the chevron pattern for your wood flooring including:

  • Longevity: Just as with the herringbone pattern, this design has been used throughout history on roads because it makes the last longer.
  • Durability: Due to the ingenious pattern, chevron flooring has been proven to hold up quite well in highly traveled areas and to require minimal maintenance.
  • Beauty: The chevron pattern is one of the most gorgeous and beloved of all the choices in wood flooring styles. It is notorious for bringing out the best in the wood it is constructed of.
  • Versatility: Chevron flooring enhances the furnishings and décor of most any room. It looks elegant enough to lay in formal rooms and can easily be incorporated into modern settings as well as with rustic or farmhouse schemes.

Downfalls of Chevron Flooring

While there are a myriad of benefits to choosing the chevron patterns, there are a few disadvantages too, such as:

  • Cost: Since the chevron flooring pattern requires time and skill to cut and lay, it isn’t cheap to install and is not an appropriate choice for inexperienced installers who plan to complete the project on their own.
  • Repair: Although the chevron pattern in flooring tends to hold up very well to high traffic and other abuses, when it does require repair, the labor can be pricey.
  • Change: If you are one who bores of your flooring frequently and like to change it regularly, you may want to shy away from going with a chevron flooring since it is not practical to spend the money having it installed only to pay to have it torn up.
Chevron Collection

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Sealing the Deal on Chevron Wood Flooring

If you are considering using the warm and inviting chevron wood flooring pattern on your flooring project, you will want to choose quality wood to craft it with. You will also want to have it professionally installed by a skilled and knowledgeable team of experts. With those measures in place, you are sure to enjoy your chevron flooring for decades to come.

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