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If you’re pining for an excellent choice in wood flooring, pine has been a favorite throughout the years. Classic and timeless, pine wood flooring will practically last forever if you treat it right. Read on to find out all about pine.

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    History of Pine Wood Flooring

    Pine trees are part of the Pinus genus of the family Pinaceae. There are about 126 varieties of the species. In the U.S., pine trees grow in the East, Northeast and some in the Southern states. The type that is most used in flooring is white pine. Pumpkin pine and longleaf pine are popular as well.

    Pine wood flooring dates back to the early Colonial American days when it was used in wide-cut boards in the majority of the homes. Because of its beauty, durability, and availability, it was the most widely used wood.

    Of all the varieties of pine, Heart Pine was most loved. The wood from the massive trees that grew in the South was used in plantation homes, private homes, and in public buildings as well. It was not only used for flooring but in furniture making too. Sadly, it was used up. It is practically impossible to find Heart Pine now but fortunately, the other varieties live on.

    Benefits of Pine Wood Flooring

    There is a myriad of advantages pine wood flooring has over other choices of wood including:

    • Beautiful: On of the best things about pine flooring is that it is beautiful. It’s, in fact, one of the loveliest of all the wood flooring options. Pine can be found in knotty versions with stunning markings, perfect for rustic rooms. It is also available in standard types that is pretty in a more natural, less obvious way.
    • Affordable: Because pine trees grow so plentiful and freely, the wood is less expensive that most wood is. This is one time you can rest assured that you are not settling for less when you spend less. Pine is just naturally inexpensive, literally.
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    • Easy to Maintain: Pine is particular simple to maintain. It is easy to refinish since it’s soft. It can be sanded without much trouble. You can even do spot treatments on it when needed. And, when it’s time to refinish the wood, you’ll be able to do that without a lot of expense or fuss.
    • Long-lasting: When properly maintained, pine wood floors will last for decades or even centuries. They are timeless as has been proven by the homes they graced of our forefathers where they are still intact and glorious to behold.

    Drawbacks of Pine Flooring

    Like anything else, there’s bad with the good. Some of the few negative aspects of pine flooring:

    • Wear and Water: While pine wood flooring does last a long time, it’s not without its flaws along the way. It isn’t the most waterproof and it does tend to show wear and tear. Although those problems are easily solved with a little treating, you should be aware that refinishing may be needed from time to time.
    • Not Exactly Kid and Pup Proof: Pine flooring isn’t optimal for areas where kids and dog are going to be a good bit of the time. Dog toenails may dig into the surface and kids can wreak havoc on it too. It can be sanded, so that’s a safeguard. But if you have dogs and kids, chances are good you’ll be spending a decent amount of time doing exactly that.
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    What to Know Before You Go

    Pine is a remarkable wood that is likely to survive a lifetime. Both solid and engineered pine flooring is readily available. It is a purchase worth investing in so if you want the ultimate longevity, choose pine flooring on the upper end. If that’s not financially possible, you can opt for less expensive grades or even go with cheaper cuts or types.

    Installation is indeed possible as a DIY project but since pine wood flooring lasts so long, it might be wise to make sure it is installed by a professional who will take care to make sure it is done correctly.

    Pine is classic and timeless. Making it your choice for your wood flooring is a gift not only to yourself but to generations to come who will no doubt admire it beauty just as you did.

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