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Oak flooring is trending and is expected to continue to grow in popularity in the upcoming years. What does that mean to homeowners who are considering oak as their choice of hardwood flooring? A lot! It’s safe to say that oak flooring won’t be going out of style anytime soon so even if there’s a possibility you may put your house on the market, you won’t regret this smart option.

Not only is oak a safe bet in flooring, there are many other big benefits it brings. Read on to find out more…

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    Benefits of Oak Flooring

    Not only is oak a safe bet in flooring, there are many other huge advantages it affords including:

    • Budget-Friendly: It doesn’t matter how awesome a type of flooring is if you can’t afford it. Because oak trees grow in the Northern Hemisphere, oak flooring is one of the least expensive options on the market. One of the best things about the affordability of oak flooring is that you are not sacrificing quality in return for the cheap price tag.
    • Beauty: Oak flooring is gorgeous. It can be enjoyed in the raw and can also be stained. It is known for having tight grain which adds to its attractiveness. The look of oak tends to improve with age.
    • Versatile: Oak flooring is extremely versatile. It fits into most any home decorating scheme from farmhouse to elegant and everything in between. There are many options you will be able to choose from in order to find the perfect fit for your individual wants and needs. You will even be able to decide between a rough and rugged look and feel or a posh, polished finish. The sky is indeed the limit with oak floors.
    • Durable: Floors take a beating. Oak is a hard wood, so it is designed to be very durable. Between walking on them, furniture sitting on them, and unexpected events (like flooding), wood floors have a tall calling. If you want a hard-wearing floor that will hold up to all that’s dished out, oak flooring is a fabulous choice.
    • Variety: One huge drawback with some wood floors is the lack of variety. There are over 600 species of oak trees so you’ll never be limited when you go oak. From red oak to white oak to natural oak, the choices are so vast the only problem you’re likely to face is having to choose just one.
    • Stability: The supply of oak flooring is not going to be difficult to find, unlike some of the other wood options. While this may not seem like a big deal when you are initially purchasing material for your floor, later on it will be because you may need to repair or replace some of it or even extend it.
    Inhaus Natural Vintage Collection

    Drawbacks of Oak Flooring

    The disadvantages of oak flooring are few. While oak is one of the most water-resistant choices in wood flooring, it is still wood. It can retain moisture and may warp or buckle if severe flooding is encountered. If you are worried about such problems, you can always go with tile or laminate option. But, if wood is what you are after, the positive side of oak still heavily outweighs any negatives. 

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    Choosing Your Oak Flooring

    If oak flooring is in your future, know that all oak flooring is not created equally. Check the quality. Inspect the planks for flaws. Above all, be sure to hire skilled experts to do the installation.

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    Brief History of Oak

    Oak trees have been around for 85 million years…or longer. They stem from an old line of trees and shrubs. They are in the genus Quercus within the Fagaceae plant family. The earliest oak fossils were found in the US, in the state of Georgia.

    There are more than 600 types of oak trees and shrubs. They are all located in the Northern Hemisphere, ranging from the Americas to the Asian tropics. Oaks have both male and female flowers on the same tree. Males tend to produce pollen in the spring, much to the chagrin of those who suffer from allergies. Females, however, produce acorns which feed wildlife and serve as seeds to grow more oak trees.

    0Oak is the wood of choice for a myriad of projects including furniture, home construction, and wood flooring. It is beloved for its beauty and treasured for its ability to withstand time test of time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Check out the questions that we typically get about oak wood flooring.

    Many people thing oak is oak is…oak. That’s not true though. There are five prominent types of oak used in flooring.

    American Oak and European Oak are some of the most popular types of oak on the market, especially when it comes to hardwood floors. They are similar in some respects in that they are both gorgeous and excellent choices for long-lasting, durable flooring. But, they are very different in other ways.

    European White Oak - Engineered Hardwood - Lightly Wire Brushed - CF1032124

    European Oak

    European Oak hails from Germany or France, typically. It has many outstanding characteristics including:

    • It is a temperate hardwood.
    • It is classified as a “white” oak.
    • European Oak trees live for hundreds of years.
    • It is a hard hardwood which is excellent for high traffic.
    • It doesn’t tend to expand and contract much.
    • It is darker than American Oak.
    • The tones of European Oak are warmer than American Oak.
    • It is a wonderful candidate for refinishing.

    American Charm 6

    American Oak

    American Oak holds characteristics including:

    • It is found in America.
    • It is typically lighter than European Oak.
    • It sports a pinking tone.
    • Color tone of American Oak varies more than its European cousin.
    • It has a straighter, more subtle grain than European Oak.
    • Tends to vary in light and dark patches.
    • It generally comes in pre-finished options since it’s not easy to stain.

    Which is Best – American Oak Flooring or European Oak Flooring?

    Deciding which is best – American or European Oak greatly depends on what you’re looking for. If you are counting on refinishing your flooring on your own, you’ll want to choose European Oak. If you want a pinkish tone, American is the best option.
    The price of each greatly goes by the quality and grade you want. American is sourced closer to home in North America, so it is more likely to be found for a bargain.

    By taking a look around at what flooring stores have to offer in the way of American and European Oak, you’ll begin to get a feel for which you are partial to and when you do, you’ve answered your own question.

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