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If you are looking for hardwood flooring that will light up the room and add a spacious feel, ash is an excellent option. Appreciated for its flair and function, ash hardwood flooring is very popular, especially for contemporary settings. Here are some helpful things to know about ash flooring:

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    The History of Ash Wood Flooring

    Ash is from the Fraxinus genus family that contains close to 70 species. White ash is the most common used in flooring. Ash has been gracing the floors of homes throughout the ages.

    Ash is deeply rooted in ancient mythology. The ash tree was believed by the Norse to be a support system that held up the heavens with roots that dug down into the underworld.

    Today, ash wood is widely used in wood flooring. It is a choice that is becoming more and more popular. With cool tones ranging from cream white to light greyish brown, it is a favorite choice for those who wish to complement the appeal of their modern home although it can work with most any décor.

    Benefits of Ash Flooring

    There are many positive points about ash as an option for wood flooring including:

    • Beauty: There are rich heartwood coloration is ash with deep, rich undertones that bring out the light wood coloring. The character is added without any business – a major plus. It is favorable because it isn’t blank like maple and doesn’t have red or pink hues like red oak which can limit the decorating scheme of the room.
    • Light: Ash is light so it makes a room like larger. It also adds a lot to rooms with a modern, airy feel to them. Open floor plans do well with ash too.
    • Durability: Ash is very durable, holding up the elements that cause some floors to crack, warp, dent, or scratch. It is a relatively hard wood with a score of 1320 on the Janka hardness scale. It is harder than heart pine, beech, and oak so it can handle areas where pets, kids, and heavy traffic abound.
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    • Easy to Work With: Since ash is hard, but not as hard as some woods such as hickory or maple, it is provides the advantages of a hard wood but it easier to work with. Cutting is simple and installation is not too difficult either because it gives a tad when and where it needs to.
    • Shock Absorbing: Ash actually absorbs shock so it’s an optimal option for noisy areas or lofts and rooms that are located upstairs.
    • No Staining: You won’t need to hassle much with ash wood. There’s no need to fuss over it such as staining. It has plenty of character and variation naturally.
    • Wide Planks: Wide plank flooring is all the rage. Not all flooring woods look good as wide planks, however. Ash does. In fact, many feel wide planks bring out the best in ash wood.

    The Downside of Ash Flooring

    Along with the many benefits of choosing ash wood flooring comes a few drawbacks such as:

    • Difficult to Find: People love ash and so do the Emerald Ash Borers, an invasive beetle that can’t get enough of the tasty wood. This can create a problem with availability, especially since trees are often harvested young to avoid infestation. This becomes an issue when trying to find long, wide planks that are generally found in older growth.
    • A Little Limiting: If you’re wanting to achieve a warm, welcoming, rustic look, ash probably isn’t the best wood to go with.
    • Maintenance: Ash isn’t terribly difficult to work and maintain, but it’s not the easiest either. If you are looking for a maintenance-free wood flooring, pass ash on up. If you simply want one that’s not high maintenance, it’s a good one to consider.
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    What to Know About Buying Ash Flooring

    When shopping for ash wood flooring, you’ll want to focus on quality. If you don’t, it will show. The same is true with the installation. While it is certainly possible to install ash wood flooring yourself if you have DIY skills, its best left up to the experts.

    Ash adds the perfect touch to a contemporary room that’s intended to be light and spacious. Imagine…the possibilities.

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