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Hard, durable, and absolutely gorgeous, acacia wood flooring is quickly becoming one of the most sought after choices in the industry. Gracing homes by the scores, acacia brings a lot to the table…and to floors. Find out what you should know if you are considering joining the hundreds of designers and homeowners who have jumped on the acacia wood flooring bandwagon.

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    History of Acacia Wood Flooring

    Acacia is a hard wood with a rustic appeal that sports a distinctive and unique look that brings the feeling it was custom-made for you. It’s affordable too.

    Acacia comes in over 1000 different varieties of trees and shrubs. It has been used for centuries for wood flooring, furniture making, and more. It is even used in medicines. Discovered in 1829 by C.F.P. Von Martius from Africa, acacia is quite diverse, able to grow in woodlands, costal dunes, and rainforests. Many believe it is the most perfect wood in existence.

    Benefits of Acacia Wood Flooring

    There’s a lot to love about arcadia wood. Here are a few things:

    • Hard: Acacia wood is ultra-hard. The large leaf variety has a Janka rating of 1700 in hardness while the small leaf boasts a hardness rating of 2220. Even harder than maple and oak, you can bet this wood flooring will hold up to almost anything.
    • Durable: Because Acacia is so hard, it isn’t susceptible to dents and scratches, making an ideal choice for homes with children, pets, and high traffic. If it is properly taken care of, it is likely to last up to a century and maybe even longer.
    • Easy Maintenance: Consisting of a natural wax coating, acacia protects itself from such things as swelling and warping. The coating acts as a moisture barrier and is perfect for super humid areas. The protective barrier also prevents pests from doing harm to it and keeps pet hair, dirt, dander, and dust from getting trapped in it. There’s no need to use special cleaning products on this type of wood floor.
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    • Aesthetics: Acacia wood flooring enhances the look of any décor because it’s so versatile. It brings a warm, rustic appeal with rich patterns. Colors range from deep dark browns, golden tans, to lighter brown shades, and off-white tones too.
    • Affordable: Because acacia is readily available and grows quickly, it is affordable. You won’t be sacrificing quality for price though. Acacia brings the best of the best in both quality and price.
    • Mold and Mildew Resistant: Those who are sensitive to mold and mildew will rejoice that acacia wood flooring naturally resists both mold and mildew. Especially if you live in a damp climate or have a house by the lake, river, or ocean where the air stays thick and wet, this is an excellent flooring option for you to consider.
    • Eco-Friendly: Because Acacia is a tree that grows quickly, it is sustainable. You can feel good about going with this choice of flooring. It’s recyclable and reusable. Plus, it lasts so long, it saves a forest of trees that might otherwise be used to replace it time after time.

    Drawbacks of Acacia Wood Flooring

    Along with the many benefits of acacia wood flooring comes a few not-so-great things about it such as:

    • Size: While acacia affords you many options such as color and width, the length of acacia planks are limited. Typically, the longest planks available are in four feet because acacia trees are quite short.
    • Imperfections: If you are looking for a formal pattern across your floor, you don’t want to go with acacia. The wood is known for haphazard patterns, defects, and variations that enhance a rustic feel but may not look uniform enough for a more formal or minimalistic look.
    • Buckling: Even though it is very stable, acacia is known to buckle at times. Although this issue can be easily repaired, if you aren’t willing to chance it and deal with the situation if it presents itself, you may not want to choose this type of wood.

    Know Before You Go

    Acacia is a beautiful, smart, and inexpensive choice in wood flooring. It is one that lasts a long time so it’s important to make sure you get a good quality. You’ll have multiple choices in acacia flooring such as engineered or solid wood planks.

    You can do it yourself if you’re so inclined but with all the money you’ll be saving by choosing acacia, you can afford to spring to have it installed professionally.

    Acacia…it’s unique, gorgeous, and timeless. It’s no wonder this exotic wood flooring is growing in popularity. If you are ready to embrace a wood floor that embraces you, acacia may be your new love.

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