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Carpet provides a look and feel that is warm and inviting. Today’s innovative, advanced materials can help save energy costs in a house and invite the feet of your family and guests to relax in your home.
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    The many benefits of carpet

    Carpet is a preferred flooring option for its many unique benefits:

    • Carpet feels soft and friendly to the feet
    • Carpets absorb sound and padding further enhances the acoustic benefits to create peaceful space.
    • Plush flooring can reduce slip-and-fall accidents, which are more prevalent on hard flooring surfaces.
    • Carpet is usually more cost-effective over time when it comes to regular cleaning and maintenance.
    • Carpet can trap allergens, and dust to be safely vacuumed away.

    A world of various Looks and Textures

    Carpets are unlike all other floor types. They are provide a warm organic feel and tone to any interior space.

    From super plush nylon textures that are as soft as silk, to rougher more durable textures that are preferred in high-traffic areas – no two carpets are the same. 

    Carpets can also be utilized in unique ways – from area rugs in a fitted space to full room width carpets in rolls or tiles. 

    The GTA's Flooring Experts

    Premium Luxury Carpets

    We carry a range of ultra-high quality carpets, in both rolls and tiles. We have an extensive selection of Anderson Tuftex carpets, including the Stainmaster collection, which offers built-in stain protection and pet hair resistance, which makes them some of the most durable and functional carpets available. 

    Carpet that excels aesthetically and functionally

    With decades of experience in delivering excellence in all things flooring, our expert team has the knowledge and experience to help you find and select the right carpet for your specific needs. 

    Textures, materials, installation methods – we’ll guide you through all of these important factors that you need to keep in mind when selecting carpet. Visit our Greater Toronto Area store where you can also browse through our meticulously selected range of carpet styles, at your own pace. Visit us or contact us today.

    Collection In Focus: Epitome Collection

    The Epitome collection from Beaulieu is a wonderful cut pile textured selection, that boasts many benefits, including its stainproof properties, making it excellent for homes with pets.

    Collection In Focus: Elmvale Collection

    The Elmvale collection from Fuzion is a highly durable carpet selection made from Nylon. With it’s great strength and stain resistance, it is an excellent carpet variety for commercial spaces. It can be installed according to the herringbone pattern, giving it a striking and bold look.