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Moving? How to protect your floors with 5 easy steps

If you’re moving out of an apartment or a rented house, then chipped, scratched, or dented floors or even property damage to any part of the residence might result in you not getting your security deposit back. In the end, you’ll have to pay extra for the needed repair works that were caused by negligence. Moreover, untimely damage before moving out of your own house would decrease its sale price and you’ll probably have to cover the repair cost out of your own pocket.

Similarly, ruined floors of a new apartment or house during the move-in process would definitely be a terrible way to begin your post-move period. No matter which way you look at it, one thing is perfectly clear… you’ll need to be familiar with all the different ways of protecting floors when moving home.

Moving houses is an expensive affair as it is, and if you have damaged floors because of either incorrect or unsafe moving of furniture, it will put additional strain on your family budget. You should be proactive and avoid any costly property damage during your move to the new house.

Here are five easy steps using which you can protect your floors before the move.

Start with the doormats

There is nothing that harms your house’s flooring like wet floors, leaves, sneakers caked in mud or grass, and more. You can avoid this by lining up the entryway with mats as it’ll keep the slippery stuff away from the wooden floors.

Don’t have furniture sliders? Make use of cardboard

It isn’t quite as smooth and luxurious as a furniture slider, but the cardboard can be a great option when you’re moving furniture. Pad the cardboard’s bottom that can still be a bit rough with a blanket or an old sheet for a smoother slide and fewer chances of damaging your floor.

You already have runners or rugs

Perhaps you’ve been planning on replacing your previous ones to go along with your new start – so prefer hanging on to those for one more day and make use of them as floor protection along the corridors that encounter the heaviest traffic. You wouldn’t mind if it gets dirty or scuffed in the process, the movers will breathe a sigh of relief and you’ll be able to remove them to reveal scratch-free floors afterward.

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Use ram boards or other floor protection rolls

Ram boards are designed to provide protection to your floor when the furniture is being moved around. Along with different kinds of floor protection roles, these are designed to be applied to floors before the move and then peeled off once you’ve finished moving the furniture.

Furniture sliders are essentially the bees’ knees

Not only will it protect your back from injury as you can roll your furniture rather than carry, but it reduces the opportunity for scuff and bumps immensely. Check the wheels just to be sure that they’re clean and smooth, and then roll your furniture along.

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