Luxury Vinyl vs. Vinyl Flooring – What are the differences?

Regular vinyl flooring and Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVF) are largely related, but they do have some major differences. 

Read on to learn more and see why Luxury Vinyl has become a preferred improvement over the traditional vinyl floors of the past that many are familiar with.

1. Materials

When many think of regular traditional vinyl flooring, what comes to mind is vinyl sheet flooring. As the name suggests, vinyl sheet flooring is made of a single large sheet that comes in a roll, that isn’t as rigid and is typically much thinner.

In comparison, Luxury Vinyl floors are stronger and more rigid, come in a solid plank or tile format, and are much thicker than traditional vinyl sheets.

Modern Luxury Vinyl floors also use more advanced materials, such as Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) and Stone Plastic Composite (SPC), that give them exceptional advantages, such as water resistance, extra durability, and incredible aesthetic looks. 

2. Appearance

Luxury vinyl flooring has a more realistic look and feel than traditional vinyl flooring. The design layer of luxury vinyl flooring often includes high-quality digital images that mimic the appearance of natural materials like hardwood, stone, or ceramic tile.

They also have a more realistic appearance due to their thickness compared to vinyl sheets, and the fat that they can be finished with embossing and a texture for an added realistic look.

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3. Durability

Luxury vinyl flooring is typically more durable than traditional vinyl flooring. It has a thicker wear layer that helps protect against scratches, scuffs, and other types of damage.

4. Installation

Vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl flooring can both be installed using a variety of methods, including glue-down, floating, and click-lock installation. However, luxury vinyl flooring is often easier to install than traditional vinyl flooring because it is more rigid and can be cut and fitted more precisely.

5. Cost

Luxury vinyl flooring is generally more expensive than traditional vinyl flooring. However, the added durability and realistic appearance of luxury vinyl flooring may make it worth the investment for some homeowners.

Those are some of the main differences between Luxury Vinyl floors and traditional vinyl sheet flooring. All things considered, despite being more expensive, the incredible advantages that you get with Luxury Vinyl flooring explains why there has been a massive shift and increase in popularity in them, compared to traditional vinyl floors. 

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