The Top 3 Laminate Flooring Trends Of 2021

It’s no wonder that laminate is enjoying a resurgence because modern manufacturing techniques produce an improved quality and durability in the material.

This formerly “budget” option is still an affordable investment in your home, but there’s no need to sacrifice style for the sake of savings. As we look forward in 2021, three growing trends stand out.


Faux wood and stone laminate designs are classic, but the textures and realism available today are truly stunning. In recent years, we’ve seen demand increase for shades of grey, and this trend is definitely here to stay. This neutral tone provides a stylish alternative to warmer wood stains, and it can be beautifully incorporated with cabinets, fixtures, and walls along with flooring.

Choosing light or dark grey laminate sets a perfect backdrop for trendy décor no matter what other colours you choose. Whether you add pops of bright, bold colours, or if you stick with black and white, your sleek grey flooring will freshen any room with a sensible and timeless new look.


Another trend here to stay is the variety of dramatic textures in flooring. Distressed and reclaimed wood is undeniably beautiful, but it is a fussy material to install and maintain. Spills, wear, and scratches from everyday use seem inevitable in busy homes, but laminate can provide all the same beauty without the stress.

The advanced technology of laminate can provide you with appealing details that replicate the enduring beauty found in the wood of old barns or mills. You can choose from designs that include hand-scraped texture or wire-brushed styles that perfectly mimic century-old finishing techniques with a bold depth of colour. The timeless look of hardwood can be yours, and yet once it is installed you can enjoy it without worrying about sealing, stripping, oiling or otherwise maintaining it on an ongoing basis.


Wide planks

Another trend in laminate flooring that borrows from popular engineered wood styles is an increase in plank width and length. The aesthetic benefit is undeniable as longer, wider planks increase the perceived size of a room and make it feel more open. Minimalist design principles are increasing in popularity as well, and as people streamline their furniture and décor it becomes even more important to consider the visual impact of your laminate flooring.

Designers have also played with mixed-width laminate floors, where planks of varying widths are used to draw attention and create a fresh and surprising effect. This can be a fun and unique option, but if you’re looking for a longer-term trend, investing in planks that are uniformly 5 inches or wider will provide a high-end finish for any room.

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