Is Vinyl Plank Flooring Good for Bathrooms?

Vinyl plank flooring is created by using a vinyl to form planks, or in some cases tiles, that can be installed in sections. It is an affordable option while maintaining a quality appearance, and will withstand regular use and water spills well. This type of flooring will no absorb water so will not swell or lift due to spills, and can be easily cut to fit any space.

Why Vinyl?

With new technologies being made all the time, the newer version of vinyl plank flooring look and feel better. It can be made to look like wood, tile, or stone making it suited to almost any space. The appearance of the floor can be matched to the rest of the house or the rest of the bathroom, and stands up to wear and tear well, being less easily damaged than vinyl roll flooring.

Installation of this type of flooring is easy and can be done by the homeowner with a few tools and some tutorial videos. It does not require glue, which makes it easier to install and repair as needed. If damage does occur to the floor the sections that are damaged can be removed and replaced with new ones, though it is recommended to purchase extra before installation and store it in case this occurs. It may not be possible to find the exact match years later, so having a few extra tiles can provide piece of mind.

While several other flooring options are cold to the touch and leave your bathroom floor feeling cold year round, the vinyl plank retains some heat and will not get as cold as a tile would. It will also be more padded than some tiles and stone flooring, making t easier on the joints and comfortable to walk on, even in bare feet. This same characteristic makes it a quiet floor, it will not move or shift like others may, and it will not pass on the sound as people walk across it like hard tiles and hardwood floors.

Though it is water resistant it is still recommended to use a bathmat in high traffic areas or where you will be standing frequently to reduce slip and falls where there may be water present. The flooring can be slippery itself when the feet are wet and will be more so when the floor itself is wet from a spill.

For an affordable, do it yourself installation, and easy to maintain flooring in any bathroom, vinyl plank is a good choice to consider. It is easily installed, will not absorb water, is suitable for humid environments and will clean easily if a spill occurs, while also being soft on the feet and joints and providing a comfortable walking space. With patterns, colours, and designs to fit any space you can keep the look that you want with an affordable flooring option, and for a continued appearance it can easily be continued throughout the house.

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