Is Red Oak a Good Hardwood Floor?

Red oak is a type of wood that comes from the northern hemisphere and is often used in flooring. It has been around for decades, but does it deserve its place among other types of floors? Red Oak has a Janka hardness rating of 1290. This means that the wood is quite durable and will last for centuries to come, especially when you consider its enduring popularity as flooring in structures from castles all across Europe! Because of its stability, it’s also appropriate for flooring or other outdoor uses. It offers excellent dimensional stability, with just 8 points offs against other traditional woods like fir or pine (which both have a 9).

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons to see if red oak has what it takes to be your new favourite floor!

Red Oak: Pros

  • Affordable – While not the cheapest on the market, red oak is very affordable at around $0.70 per square foot.
  • Great color – Red Oak has a yellow-brown appearance that can add warmth to any space. It’s especially great for bedrooms or living rooms where you want an inviting vibe!
  • Durable and strong – With its Janka rating of 1290, it is great for under heavy furniture or objects.
  • Highly customizable – Unlike other types of wood flooring like hickory and walnut, red oak can be stained to fit any occasion! Cons Moderate to high maintenance – Oak has a tendency to warp if neglected. You should avoid exposing the wood surface directly to sunlight as well as high humidity.
  • Easily refinished – You’ll need to refinish your red oak flooring every few years. This involves sanding the wood and applying a new stain or varnish!
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Red Oak: Cons

  • Hardwood imposters – Red oak is often mistaken for other types of hardwoods like Brazilian cherry or red maple, so you have to be careful when purchasing from a retailer!
  • heaviness – Because of its weight, you’ll need to use a lot more material if red oak is your flooring choice.
  • Ageing – You may have to spend extra time and effort maintaining the wood in order for it to last!

Overall, Red Oak can be an excellent addition to your home! It’s affordable and durable with beautiful color options that go well in most rooms. Just make sure it fits the room style and all maintenance requirements before making your final decision.

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