How Much Does Laminate Flooring Cost?


The mark of a superior product is one that is attractive, excels at its job, is easy to  maintain, and, most importantly, is affordable

These are all traits that laminate flooring has in spades and it should be no surprise that laminate continues to be one of the city’s top flooring choices. Laminate offers the look of hardwood, stone, or tile floors while being more durable, more resistant, DIY-friendly, and only requiring basic maintenance, all at a fraction of the cost.

Generally speaking, the cost of laminate flooring typically ranges anywhere from around $2 CAD to $5 CAD per square foot.

However, not all laminate is the same, as various factors determine the price point of different laminates. See below to learn more.

There are a few handy rules of thumb that you must first keep in mind when trying to develop or stay within a budget when buying flooring

The first is that cost will rise as thickness or AC rating increases, which makes identifying your durability needs extra important. You should also keep in mind that flooring projects will almost always produce some level of waste, so anticipate needing around 5-20% more materials than the actual square footage of the room in question.



Cost comparison for hardwood, tiles and laminate flooring

Laminate is relatively cost-effective compared with other luxury, high-end materials that it mimics. It ’s made of a synthetic fiberboard material and has a laminate finish, which is typically cheaper than hardwood, but will not last quite as long. This doesn’t mean laminate flooring is an inferior choice. Its well-constructed planks are resistant to moisture, mold and warping, extremely strong and finished with a thin layer of high-quality wood.

With installation, laminate floors can range around $5 CAD – $10 CAD per square foot. That’s a significantly price point compared to solid wood for example, which can go well over $15 CAD / sqft with installation.

Tiles, depending on the stone type, will typically carry a higher price as well. For instance, quartz may cost between $60 to $100 per foot, compared with $24 to $50 per foot for laminate that beautifully captures the authentic look and feel of this popular material.

In the past, laminate options may have been considered the bargain flooring option, with a cheaper price and appearance but luckily today, this is no longer the case as savvy homeowners and designers can select high-quality, premium laminate flooring that looks and feels fantastic, with less financial investment.

Durability affects pricing

Although the upfront cost of carpet and vinyl may be less, laminate’s durability makes it the most cost-effective option. Because laminate is fade resistant, scratch resistant, and burn resistant, it is incredibly easy to care for and will continue to look beautiful for many years to come.

While spills on carpets or hardwood can be devastating, as the liquid can stain or penetrate the surface, spills or leaks can be easily wiped clean on laminate flooring. This makes it an ideal flooring solution for high traffic areas in busy households or commercial spaces. Thus, laminate’s resilient nature makes it an incredibly carefree option as it can easily be kept clean with occasional sweeping or mopping.


The AC rating

AC stands for “abrasion coefficient” and is independently measured through methods like rubbing sandpaper on the tile, dragging furniture back and forth, delivering impacts and stains, and more. AC ratings of 1-3 are considered suitable for home use while ratings of 4-6 are better for commercial properties. Think about what the room is used for, the sort of furniture it contains, average foot traffic, and other common stresses the floor might be exposed to in order to get a sense of which AC rating you should aim for.


A long lasting investment

Since flooring is an important design feature in any home and is designed to last for many years, it should be viewed as an investment in your home. Laminate floors are an excellent way to maximize your investment, as they are designed to be incredibly long lasting. While the initial cost of materials such as carpet is smaller, in most cases, carpet needs to be replaced every seven to ten years because its fibers break down and begin to show signs of wear. Conversely, our laminate flooring comes with a manufacturers warranty of 25 years, which means you can have peace of mind in the longevity of your investment

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