Hardwood Flooring: Trends For 2022

If you’re considering laying hardwood flooring anytime soon, you’ll want to check out the trends for 2022 before you do. Not only is it exciting to see what’s new in floor fashion, if you are planning to put your home on the market, installing the latest flooring can raise your home’s value.

What’s In and What’s Out…

There’s nothing worse than renovating your home only to find out you’ve done so in a style that is fading fast. When it comes to wood flooring, the natural effect and atmosphere it brings to a home never really goes out of fashion. But, there are some looks that are considered “yesterday” and others that fresh on the scene.

It’s wise to know what’s trending. Then, you can combine your own taste with what’s popular for a unique and wonderful blend that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Top Trends

The general all-inclusive outlook for the present year is a softer, more natural look that is warm and welcoming. Since flooring is designed to reflect the overall theme of the home, the top fashions in flooring are reflective of the trend.

Here are the most popular flooring styles for 2022:

Trending Wood Types And Colors

Grey tones

One of the best sellers in today’s market is smokey grey tones, particularly grey wood floors. The rich grain of grey wood is very versatile. It goes well with rustic décor and fits right in with modern themes as well.

Oak smoked wood is one of the top sellers. Full of character, the wood has beautiful grain patterns that come alive in grey tones, complimenting the grey color schemes that are so well-loved these days.

Blonde Tones

In addition, blonde tones are the rage. They bring a light and airy feel to any room and go with a multitude of color themes and styles.

Natural Wood Colors

Natural wood colors are trending too. From dark walnuts to light pine floors, if it’s natural, it’s “in”.

Krono Super Natural Collection

Floor Patterns Taking Center Stage

Floor patterns are as important as the type and color of wood are when it comes to making a fashion statement. Herringbone is the hit of 2022 with large formatted planks a close contender for popularity.

Vintage Aged Wood

There’s just something about the look and feel of aged wood that is good for the soul. Vintage aged wood effects are some of the most popular in the flooring industry and it’s safe to say that they probably always will be.

The worn effect is achieved by a chemical process that brings out the worn surface, offering a rustic and rugged style. There are varying degrees of “roughed up” that can be attained, depending on the exact appearance you are going for. Different colors and shades help bring out the unique look that fits your individual decorating scheme.

Dark paint or stain adds an instant aged vibe to light wood flooring, like pine. The dark coloration is reminiscent of floors that have been walked on for years, complete with their shares of spills and dirt buildup.

By rubbing a dark stain on wood flooring, the effect of aging is almost instant but can be taken a step further when the surface is hammered and intentionally beat up a bit to add dents and dings that make its character shine.

Repurposed Wood Flooring

The use of repurposed wood flooring has been around a while. Not only is it comfortable and easy on the eyes, it is good for the environment because it gives wood-based items, like barn siding, a chance for a second life.

Repurposed wood flooring can be purchased from flooring stores, hardwood stores, and home improvement stores or, you can collect your own wood to use. From pulling up boards from old buildings to cutting your own planks, the possibilities are endless.

Repurposed wood flooring differs from vintage old flooring in that it is genuinely old, used material that is used for the planks. That means it is legit and that it brings a life of its own into the equation which is something many adore about it.

floor, parquet, pattern-1866663.jpg

Engineered Hardwood

Overall, engineered hardwood is among the most popular flooring types, that is timeless and highly durable.

Engineered wood flooring consists of a thin hardwood veneer on the top layer and man-made materials like fiberboard or plywood on the lower layers. It has either a medium-density fiberboard or a high-density fiberboard that supports the plant and gives it stability. The wood planks also include an underlayment which is attached underneath, making it extremely durable.

This type of flooring is the closest thing you’ll get to solid wood flooring that isn’t. Many homeowners feel it’s even better than the real thing because it doesn’t require finishing or refinishing and comes in a box, ready to be installed.

If you’re worried engineered wood flooring will go out of style in the near future, fear not. Just as laminate and solid wood have held their places through the years and continue to thrive, you can expect for engineered wood flooring to do the same.

Casa Loma Collection
Alta Moda Collection

Classic Wood Flooring

Some things never lose their luster and classic solid wood flooring is one of those. Traditional solid wood floors have been gracing the homes of individuals ever since floors were laid. It is as trendy now as it has ever been.

There are many choices in traditional wood flooring. You can go with oak, pine, cherry, walnut, and so many more types of woods. You can blend your decorating scheme with the type and color of wood flooring to bring out the best in your home.

There’s no wood flooring that is out of style, only some that are the latest in fashion such as European Oak and American Oak that are the hot sellers for 2022.


Floor Finish Fashions

Floor finishes make a night and day difference on wood flooring. A glossy oak floor has a much more modern look than a satin-finished walnut floor. The finish that is ever-growing in popularity right now is the matte finish.


Matte has been overlooked and underappreciated in days gone by so it’s nice to see it is finally being appreciated. Matte not only leaves room for other areas of the home to not be overtaken, like walls and furniture, it also blends well with most any décor. It is a soft-spoken fashion statement worth considering.


Gloss isn’t the most popular finish of the year, but it will always have its place. For modern appeal or to bring a heavily refined look, it is a sure winner.


Satin is a safe bet when you don’t want to commit to the extremes of matter or high gloss. Satin never goes out of style since it is so subtle it is barely noticeable in the first place.

Divine Flooring Herringbone Collection

A Step Back in Time is Fashion-Forward

This year, the trends are all about fresh, natural looks and some throwbacks are in order as well. Decorative styles are leaning to the 70’s with wide patterns that can cross onto the wild side. To achieve the 70’s mood, think bold and beautiful.

Wide herringbone patterns, zig-zag patters, and pops of color scream of the 70’s while playful patterns are also in hot demand. The nostalgia of the 70’s is fun and fabulous. You’ll be seeing a lot of it in 2022 and beyond.

Stepping back even further in time, antique flooring is popular too. From the familiar old look of the 20’s to the beat-up, rustic appeal of a century ago, homeowners tend to gravitate to wood that brings back the old days.

Trending Now

Flooring sets the scene for the rest of your home. It influences your house more than you may realize and affects the appearance of each and every room in it. Floors are one of the best places to start when defining the decorating of your home. When you lay the stage with flooring, the rest can easily be achieved by continuing the theme through furniture, wall paint or treatment, and so forth.

Choosing the perfect flooring is a major decision but when you do your homework and find what works best for you, you’ll be glad you took the time to find the perfect fit.

Know Before You Commit

One of the first things to consider when choosing your wood flooring is that it will most likely last for decades. You’ll want to be sure you love the look and feel of the flooring you pick. You’ll also want to be well informed about the particular wood you go with – the pros and cons, the upkeep, and all other factors about it.

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