Wirebrushed Hardwood Flooring

Wirebrushed Textured Hardwood Flooring: Naturally Appealing

Wirebrushed hardwood floors are wildly popular and have been for a decade or longer. Wirebrushing brings out the wood’s beauty and embrace the fine details of it. The wirebrushed finish is a texture that combines a glossy, smooth finish that distressed and gently weathered in appearance. The rustic look is appropriate for most any style of room.

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What is Wirebrushed Wood Flooring?

Wirebrushed hardwood floors is accomplished by a special finishing technique where the wood planks are scraped by using a hard bristle wire brush that creates a surface that yields a distressed-type look.

The wood grain of the planks are enhanced by the process of wirebrushing. The soft grains from the rings are slightly pulled back so it reveals natural beauty of the heartwood beneath the surface. Resembling a barn wood effect, the texture is a classic look that is always in style.

When you touch a wirebrushed wood floor, you might expect it to be rough. Surprisingly, it is smoother than you might think. The raised grain is actually not abrasive and is quite comfortable and natural feeling. Contrary to popular belief, wirebrushing doesn’t cause wood to be any harder to clean than smooth floors. In fact, it is ideal for high traffic areas where dirt, grass, and pebbles might be tracked in.

The wirebrush distressing technique is conducive to the longevity of the floor. It will cause the floor’s natural beauty to be maintained longer than a smoother finish. But, cleaning can prove to be a little tricky. You’ll want to get the dust, dirt, and debris out of the grooves before mopping. The best way to do that is with a soft bristled broom or a wood floor vacuum cleaner.

History of Wirebrushed Wood Floors

Wirebrushing has been incorporated throughout history. Crafting wood with hand-scratched etches was the first technique on the scene but it was in the Deep South that the more advanced hard-scratching of wirebrushing came into existence in the days of old plantations and other Southern style structures. The technique has improved over the years to get to where it is today with wirebrushing being tended to by way of an industrial machine.

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Benefits of Wirebrushed Wooden Flooring

There is a myriad of benefits to having wood floors that are done in the wirebrushed technique including:

  • Longevity: Wirebrushed wood floors tend to have a long life. Scuffs and wear and tear will hardly show up at all.
  • Repairs: The wirebrushing of the wood makes the floors hold up better and when a repair is needed, it is easily implemented.
  • Aesthetics: If you like a rustic look, this flooring is ideal for you. It goes with a wide range of decorating styles from farmhouse to elegant.
  • Cost: Wirebrushed wood flooring is relative easy to achieve and therefore, the price is not as expensive as some of the other surface options.
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Disadvantages of Wirebrushed Wood Floors

Along with the many benefits of wirebrushed wood flooring come a few disadvantages such as:

  • Creases: Although the floors are easier to keep than you might think, there are still creases and dirt and debris can get in them. If you are not up to dealing with such, you might should go with a smoother texture.
  • Change: If you like to change your flooring on a regular basis, you may not like wirebrushed flooring. You can more easily go from smooth to wirebrushed than you can vice versa.
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What to Know Before You Go

If you are considering doing your wood floors in the wirebrushing technique, you will want to make sure you purchase the flooring from a trustworthy dealer. The higher quality the wood you use is and the technique craftwork is, the longer your floor will last and the nicer it will look.

The same is true with the installation. If you are experienced in installation, it’s wise to let a professional handle it. In that event, be sure the person or team you hire to do the work is trustworthy and highly skilled.

If you’ve made your decision and wirebrushed wood flooring is the choice best suited for you, congratulations. You’re sure to love the way it looks.

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