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Waterproof / Water Resistant Flooring

Water resistant flooring for bathrooms and basements

Some spaces are subjected to a higher level of moisture and possibility of getting wet – making it important to select waterproof / water resistant flooring options. Not choosing one of these suitable options can result in big issues down the road – in the form of potential damage and mold buildup.

HydroGen 5 Collection

Luxury Vinyl

Being a synthetic material, vinyl is among the best floor options if you’re looking for water resistance. If installed properly, water shouldn’t be able to seep through the gaps between floors. On a vinyl surface, spills are easy to clean up, and there is no risk of water damaging the surface of the floor.

Beyond their own inherent water-resistance properties, Vinyl is the most suitable type of floor to install in places where there might’ve been other types of water resistant surfaces installed previously. This is because vinyl is very versatile in that it can be installed over various different subfloors. Therefore, for example, it’s even possible to install Vinyl over where there once were tiles.


Tiles are the obvious choice for spaces that endure a lot of water exposure. Common tile varieties, such as ceramic, are fully waterproof, making them one of the most preferred choices for rooms such as bathrooms.

  • By the nature of how tiles are installed, they are fully waterproof. The grout within between the tiles ensures that no water or moisture gets below the floor surface.
  • Tiles themselves are naturally fully water resistant, making them suitable for the most intense direct water exposure.
  • To offset some of the limitations of tiles, such as their cold touch surface, there are unique and creative ways to integrate tiles, such as heated tile floors.
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