Smooth Hardwood Flooring

Smooth Textured Hardwood Flooring: Character Captured

Smooth wood floors are timeless treasures. They never go out of style. Designed to bring out the ultimate beauty in the wood they are constructed out of, smooth wood flooring is one of the most popular textures on the market.

If you are considering going with smooth wood flooring, it’s wise to weigh it all out. Find out what’s good and bad about them and other helpful information as well.

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What is Smooth Wood Flooring?

Smooth wood flooring is flooring made from wood that has a smooth finish on it. It is representative of a more traditional look and is used in many homes and other structures. Smooth finished wood floors have been around for centuries.

When using a smooth finish on flooring, you will find it brings out the character in the wood. It is also apt to show any nicks or imperfections. If the wood you are using is has unique rings or natural texture, a smooth finish will accent the look. You will see the grain much better and any other special features will be highlighted as well. It is not ideal for wood that has no appeal, however as it can appear boring.

Smooth wood flooring is a texture that can be used on wood of any size and pattern. The flooring can grace homes, offices, palaces, and shopping centers.

Types of Smooth Wood Flooring

Smooth wood flooring can be found in a multitude of types of woods including:


Ash, especially Northern White Ash, is one of the most desirable and durable when it is topped off with a smooth finish. It is a very stable wood that has bold grains to behold. From dark brown to creamy white, you’ll find it all available in ash.


Oak flooring does well when it is smooth finished. White oak ranges from light brown to quite light and is relatively stable and durable. Red oak is another option as is golden oak. All the oak family woods are eligible for use on smooth finish flooring.


Walnut is commonly finished in a smooth texture. It sports a rich deep brown with heartwood and sapwood options available that range from white to tan. Black walnut is a favorite in floors for many reasons. It is durable and scuff resistant to an extent plus the aesthetics are amazing.

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Hickory is one of the best choices for wood in smooth finished flooring. It is gorgeous with an average stability rating. Ranging from brown or tan to creamy and white, hickory is one wood that goes with a wide variety of decorating schemes. Hickory floors are wonderful to accommodate active families or commercial spaces with heavy traffic.


Maple looks amazing when it has a smooth finish. Clean and crisp, smooth finishing brings out the closed grain effects. It has average stability. Although hard maple doesn’t have a lot of grain texture, it is excellent to lay in areas that have a lot of activity to hold up to.

Benefits of Smooth Hardwood Floors

There are tons of advantages to using a smooth finish on wood flooring. Some of the big benefits of installing smooth wooden floors include:

  • Beauty: Smooth wood finishing brings out the best in the wood product. From rings and other characteristics of the grain and so forth, you’ll be able to show off your gorgeous wood.
  • Affordable: Smooth wood requires little to bring it to a smooth states so you won’t pay an arm and a leg to have a fancy finish applied.
  • Matching: If you need to repair or partially replace an area, smooth finished flooring is much easier to match with the original flooring that some of the less traditional finishes are.
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Drawbacks of Smooth Wood Floors

There are a few disadvantages to using smooth hardwood flooring such as:

  • Flaws: A smooth finish will draw attention to any imperfections in the wood or what happens to the wood during and after installation. If you have a heavily trafficked area and you don’t like the weathered look, you might opt for an alternative finish.
  • Price: Although all price ranges are available when it comes to wood flooring that can be smooth finished, the wood you will most want to put such a finish on is likely to be high quality and therefore, not cheap.
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What to Know Before You Go to Purchase Smooth Hardwood Flooring

If you are considering finishing your wood floors with a smooth surface, you wil do well to realize it will bring out both the character and the flaws of your wood product. Be sure to purchase your wood from a reputable dealer who offers quality products. While there’s no law against applying a smooth finish to wood flooring yourself, since it will reveal any mistakes you make, you may want to stick with hiring a pro.

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