Kids Room Flooring

Plush, soft comfort should be the goal of every kids room flooring

Children are always hard at play and prone to stumbles, tumbles, trips, and falls. Their flooring needs to reflect his. Carpet has always been the traditional flooring option for every child’s room, with cork flooring coming in close second.


Carpet is the typical flooring choice for a small child’s room. The soft, warm material feels like tiny blankets on your loved ones feet, the padded environment adds an extra cushion to the area, while the carpet itself minimizes the noise from all the stomping, romping, jumping, and playing your child so enjoys.

  • Creates a soft, comforting environment for your small child
  • Insulating buffer across the entire floor – to muffle the sounds and ambient noise of child’s play
  • Plush material to protect your child from tumbles and falls
  • At Chestnut Flooring, there is the option to purchase thicker carpet to increase these benefits even more  

Cork Flooring

Although carpet is the most common material for a child’s room, cork flooring is the usual alternative to this. Cork is easier to clean and naturally repels dirt and dust, while still maintaining the soft, appealing features of carpet your child loves.

  • Provides many similar benefits to carpet, while improving upon its drawbacks
  • Hypoallergenic – naturally repels dirt and dust and creates a healthy environment
  • Easier to clean and harder to stain
  • Soft beneath your child’s feet
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