Handscraped Hardwood Flooring

Handscraped Textured Hardwood Flooring

Handscraped flooring is all the rage. The fact of the matter is although the texture is trending right now, it’s actually been in style for ages. From rustic and farmhouse style rooms to modern décor, handscraped flooring texture goes with practically anything and everything.

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What is Handscraped Hardwood Flooring?

Hand scraped wood floors reflect the technique of creating a scrape texture look on wood to make it looked more weathered and worn. The characteristics of the wood are associated with giving a room a welcoming and warm charm with undernotes of days gone by.

Handscraped flooring can be inflicted onto brand new wood to make it look hundreds of years old in a matter of minutes, perfect for those who love the unique personality worn floors bring. To achieve the scrape effect, a draw knife is used on wooden planks. This technique nails the rustic and vintage styles that are so popular right now and also can be used in traditional, casual, cabin, lake, mountain, and modern and sophisticated rooms too. If presented correctly, there is no décor handscraped flooring isn’t appropriate for.

History of Handscraped Textured Flooring

Handscraped flooring got its start by colonial Americans who were at the mercy of using the only flooring material that was available, wood. They generally used wide planks in the rooms that hosted the most traffic and more narrow planks in less-traveled rooms such as bedrooms and formal rooms.

Typically, the wood planks were crafted by woodworkers who milled and sanded the planks by hand. Thought they made a noble attempt to yield boards that are pristine, most of the time marks were left on them which altered the texture. While homeowners may or may not have embraced the rustic look in those days is not known for sure but in modern times, the weathering is highly desired and the technique of purposefully inflicting “character” into the planks is commonplace.

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Advantages of Handscraped Flooring

There are tons of benefits to going with the handscraped flooring texture including:

  • Looks: Ah…that warm and welcoming look and feel of weathered, lived-on flooring. It just takes the edge off. Most people who opt for handscraped flooing are quite fond of the “scraped” appeal.
  • Price: You won’t pay a fortune for handscraped wood because it’s not that difficult to achieve like some other texture choices are. Furthermore, when it comes time to repair a plank or two, you’ll won’t have to pay extra to have a pattern continue. There is no pattern or any other rules when it comes to handscrped texture.
  • Longevity: Weathered and worn looking flooring doesn’t have to be replaced because a little chunk is missing or has a gouge or two in it. In fact, it will look even better.
  • Pets and Children: Rejoice! Pet’s nails won’t hurt the floors and neither will children running on it or playing with their toys on it. This texture is ideal for heavy traffic and other abuse such as that which comes from pets and children.
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Disadvantages of Handscraped Flooring

Even though there are many advantages of handscraped flooring, there are some drawbacks to consider as well such as:

  • Change: If you tire of a certain look and like to change it up frequently, you may want to go with another texture. Once wood is committed to the weathered and worn look, it’s very difficult to smooth it back out.
  • Informal: The look of handscraped wood can go with most any decorating scheme. But, if you like a luxurious looking floor, the rough and tumble appearance of handscraping may not suit your fancy.
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What to Know Before You Go

Even though handscraped hardwood floors are made to look “messed up” on purpose, you will want to make sure to use quality wood under the scraped effect. To ensure your material is top-notch, purchase it from a reputable dealer who deals in high-grade wood. You may elect to purchase a wood that isn’t the best or most expensive even still, but by doing business with a company of integrity, you will have all grades of flooring at your disposal and will be aware of which type of quality you are buying.

When it comes to installation, you may or may not be able to do it yourself. If you hire an installer, be sure to check references and past work. Make sure the installer has been in the area long enough to become established.

Handscraped hardwood floors take the stress out of owning a new flooring which is reason enough to select the texture. If you have chosen handscraped texturing on your wood floor…enjoy!

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