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Wood Flooring: Width Matters

Wood flooring width is the measurement of how wide the wood planks are cut. The width of the planks is figured in with the length of them to give your room the look and feel you are after. The width of your planks combined with the length of them will also determine how they function. So, choose wisely.

Narrowing Your Choices Down

In the past, customers were limited to 3” or 2 ¼” wide boards. Fortunately, there are now a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing the width of your wood flooring, with options going as wide as 13″ and wider.

No matter if you are going with unfinished or prefinished and regardless of the type of wood you’re using or the character grade of it, you will get to pick the width of your planks and you’ll want some knowledge under your belt when that time comes.

Wide Plank Floors

Wider boards are definitely trending. They are ideal for capturing the beauty and character of the wood. How wide is “wide”? Within the past three to five years, “wide” has become defined as 5” planks or larger.

Wide planks are perfect for adding the ever-popular rustic look to the floor. They are also great for providing an upscale modern touch. Wide wood is beloved for elevating the aesthetic value of the entire room, bringing out the best in the flooring for all to enjoy.

Consistent Widths or Varied?

One question homeowners tend to ask is if they should incorporate random widths of wood flooring, or keep them all the same. The answer is…it’s entirely up to you. Whichever way you prefer is perfectly appropriate. But, you’ll want to be fully sure which look you want before committing to it.

Once you select a wood plank that is over 2 ¼ to 3” wide, you’ll need to decide whether to have them all the same size width or vary the sizes. For wood planks that are under 2 ¼ to 3” wide, you want to keep them uniform.

Do you like a clean, uniform look that has a consistent, linear appeal? If so, you’ll want the width of your planks to be the same. If you are drawn to the unexpected look of mixing and matching, random widths may be more up your alley.

Wide width flooring creates drama. It also is more in keeping with how wood flooring in the old days was laid because basically, whatever wood was available was used before modern technology stepped in to do the sawing and measuring.

It’s a good idea to check out a finished floor that is done in the style you are leaning towards. In fact, looking at both layouts is even wiser. You may think you like the look of random widths, but in reality, it may prove to be too much for your taste.

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Which Size Width is Best?

Just as it is with whether to use the same size width or vary the widths, deciding what width (or widths) are best is a matter of personal opinion. There are some types of woods that work better than others for wide width flooring, so that is one thing you can use to help decide. Pine, ash, white oak, and hickory are among the wood types that generally look fabulous with wide planks.

Seamlessness is another factor to consider. If you like the continued look of fewer seams, wide may be your best way to go. The wider the wood, the less seams you’ll have. For the maximum seamless look, you can even select wood planks that are up to 8” to 10” wide. Twelve-inch planks are even available, but they are rare and don’t fit into the décor of most rooms unless you live in a huge historic home.

The size of your room should be considered as well. If your room is small, extra-wide planks may not fit the dimensions and may appear too large.

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Considerations When Ordering the Width of Your Wood

When you go to order your wood flooring and are making your final decision on the width, be sure to keep in mind that the quality of wood will make a huge difference. If you are selecting a lower grade, you may want to think twice about ordering it very wide. All of the character of the wood will be magnified and the flaws will be accentuated as well. It is best to use higher quality wood when going wide.

You will also want to make sure the installation on your flooring is done correctly, no matter what length you choose. Both narrow and wide floors can look magnificent when professionally installed but can look hideous when installed improperly.

The width of your wood planks will make or break your wood flooring so study up, look at wide, narrow, and mid-sized wood width models, and enjoy the options in widths that are now available.

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