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Flooring Board Length: The Long and the Short of It

When it comes to wood flooring, the length of the planks are very important to the look and feel you will achieve. It was also play a part in bringing out the beauty of the wood…or not. The wrong length coupled with a wide board can look disastrous but the right pairing can bring out the best in the wood, the floor, and in the entire room.

About Wood Floor Length

Back in the days, many simply used what they had. Rarely could they afford the luxury of time and energy to saw piece after piece to get the best length and a uniform look. That’s all changed now. You can order planks in whatever lengths and widths you want but, you may have to do exactly that – order it. Otherwise, you may not have the exact look you’re wanting.

Longer, wider planked boards are easier to keep clean. It can be difficult to get in the nooks and crannies of intricately cut planks but not so when you go wide and long. You will also add an air of spaciousness with long boards although you won’t want to use extremely long planks in a room that’s too small.

Wood Floor Plank Length Matters

The general rule of thumb is that wide boards with short lengths tend to make a floor look choppy. While that may seem like a ‘no brainer’, you might be surprised to learn that the typical wide wood plank flooring on the market is wide and short.

Wide planks are often seen in 8, 6, or 4’ lengths which can look less than attractive when laid. The average length of the most typical wood flooring is only 2’ to 3’ long. When you go beyond 6’, you’ll most likely need to custom order, pay more, and wait a while to get it. But, it may be well worth it all.

If you are using a thin plank, you will want the width to be narrow. Again, boxed planks don’t always fit the mold of what the ideal widths and lengths should be to look their best. You can, however, do some homework of your own and end up with boards that are practically perfect in pairing in the length and width.

Certain wood flooring does really well when the planks are wide and on the long side. Oak, ash, barn-wood, cherry, walnut, and other fine woods do exceptionally well in long, wide planks. Older trees are best for long planks and they are the most apt to have higher quality and more beauty about them too. Another perk is that wide, long boards on flooring offer the ultimate in stability too.

What to Know Before You Go

If you are going to order long boards, be sure to check a sample out before you do. Not only do long boards bring out the good in wood, it brings flaws to attention too. With wide, long boards, you will want to have high-quality wood and also, you’ll need to have a skilled craftsman install it unless you’re really, really good at DIY projects. The long and the short of it is know your wood and who installs it and choose your length wisely.

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