Floor Features

Different flooring types having different qualities or features, such as comfort, durability, ease of maintenance, noise insulation, and more. Different flooring types also perform differently across these various dimensions. For example, laminate performs well in regards to durability and ease of maintenance, but generally does not possess waterproof or water resistant qualities.

In this series of flooring guides, we dive into each of the main types of floor features and discuss why they’re important, when they should be weighted more heavily than other features, and how different flooring types perform across these different dimensions.

Noise Insulation

Noise insulation, also known as soundproofing, refers to the ability of a flooring material to absorb or reduce noise transmission between floors. Noise insulation is

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Comfort refers to how soft or hard the flooring feels underfoot, how warm or cool it is, and how it affects the overall physical ease

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Maintenance / Cleaning

Floors are subject to daily wear and tear, including spills, stains, dirt, and foot traffic. Regular maintenance and cleaning can help preserve the quality and

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Impact Resistance

When it comes to flooring, surviving the everyday hustle isn’t just a feat; it’s a necessity. Impact resistance in flooring is your ticket to a

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One of the most valuable characteristics to seek in flooring options is versatility. A versatile flooring choice can adapt to various design styles, accommodate different

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Durability refers to the ability of a flooring material to withstand wear and tear, and maintain its appearance and structural integrity over time. It is

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Color Fading

When it comes to flooring, timeless elegance isn’t just about the initial impression – it’s about maintaining that allure over time. Color fading, an often

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Floor Longevity

When it comes to flooring, durability isn’t just a bonus – it’s a necessity. Longevity in flooring refers to its ability to withstand daily wear

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Thermal Mass

Thermal mass refers to the ability of a material to absorb, store, and release heat over time. It acts as a heat reservoir, absorbing excess

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Energy Efficiency

Flooring choices can play a significant role in enhancing your home’s energy efficiency, offering a chance to reduce environmental impact while saving on utility bills.

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Slip Resistance

Slip resistance refers to the flooring material’s ability to provide traction and reduce the likelihood of slipping or falling, especially when the surface is wet

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Style / Aesthetics

When it comes to choosing a flooring type for your home, style and aesthetics play a significant role in the decision-making process. Style and aesthetics

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Scratch Resistance

Scratch resistance simply refers to the flooring material’s ability to withstand and resist scratches, scuffs, and marks caused by everyday wear and tear. It is

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Pet Friendly

If you have pets then pet friendliness is an important consideration when selecting flooring, as pets can cause damage and wear to certain types of

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