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The Typical Family Room Experiences A High Volume Of Foot Traffic…And More

A family or living room floor should be durable yet comfortable to accommodate all that takes place within the room. It will be trod across, spilled on, and if there are children or pets in the household, there’s no telling what else might take place on it.

There’s so much to think about when it comes to choosing flooring for your family or living area. Carpet is an excellent choice for the living area – especially for families with small children who tend to play on the floor a lot. Solid hardwood, vinyl, and laminate flooring adorned with comfy area rugs are also great options.

There are many options when it comes to flooring for living and family areas. The most optimal choice depends upon factors such as:

How Often it Will Be Used

Some family and living areas are used practically all day every day. Others are only used when company comes or for other special occasions. Rooms that are frequently accessed typically need to hold up to heavy traffic, drink and food spillage, the activities of pets and children, and the wear and tear of daily living.

Who Will Use the Room

There’s a world of difference between a room where kids and pets abound and one that is reserved for adults. Accessing who will mostly be using the room before deciding on what type of flooring to go with is wise.

What Will Take Place Within the Room

Are children going to be playing in the living or family room? If so, you’ll want a surface that’s easy to clean. For safety’s sake, you won’t want a floor that is bumpy and hard. But, if the room is going to be used for family lounging and calm activities, you may want the cozy look and feel carpet or dark solid hardwood flooring brings.

The Geographical Location

Some flooring gets super cold in the winter while others act as insulators against extreme cold and heat. Flooring like Brazilian cherry hardwood change colors when exposed to a lot of sunlight. Others don’t do well in high humid climates while others are moisture resistant, like porcelain tile.

Environment of the Room

You may live in a dry climate, but your sauna or shower area may make your living or family room humid. Flooring that is not designed to withstand moisture in the air will suffer. Some buckles and others, like carpet, tend to mold and mildew.

What’s Your Budget?

Your living or family room flooring should reflect your budget. Don’t settle for flooring you won’t be happy with but don’t go bankrupt either. Look for sales and discounts and also consider less expensive options such as going with tile look-alikes or engineered wood flooring rather than the real deal.

If it’s Comfort You Need

Regardless of whether the room is used daily or occasionally, you’ll want to make sure your floor is comfy to walk and stand on. Solid hardwood isn’t cushiony but throw rugs can be placed on it to make it more comfortable. Higher grades of linoleum contain more padding.

Think Safety

Keep safety in mind when choosing your living or family room flooring. Rocky surfaces aren’t a good idea in rooms small children, handicapped individuals, or aging adults will be frequenting. Avoid slick surfaced flooring if the room will get much through traffic.

A Look at Family and Living Room Flooring Options

Once you have considered the above factors, take a look at the options below and weight them out for your individual needs:

Family Room Flooring Option #1: Carpet 

Utilizing carpet in your family brings a homey feel to your humble abode. Cozy to the touch, comfy on the feet, and great for lounging and relaxing. It has the ability to make your house feel like a home.

  • Warm, cozy, and comfy on the feet
  • Great for families with small children
  • Brings a homey feel to your family room

Family Room Flooring Option #2: Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is another great option for your family room. Though not as comfy as carpet, this can easily be fixed with a comfortable large area rug. With solid hardwood flooring, you also get the extra benefits of extreme durability and easy clean up and maintenance.

  • Can easily withstand a high amount of foot traffic
  • Smooth surfaces allow for a quick wipe up and is simple to clean
  • Easy of maintenance – only need to replace the affected area, rather than the whole room

Family Room Flooring Option #3: Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a great cost-effective alternative to carpet and solid hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring is especially useful in rooms where heavy objects are moved often, or are susceptible to activities that could lead to scratches or dents in the room’s flooring.

  • Durable material great for heavy objects and foot traffic
  • Cost-effective options that won’t break the bank
  • Easy cleanup

Family Room Flooring Option #4: Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a versatile family room flooring option. It can withstand hot summer and cold winter months, while still maintaining a comforting feel for the whole family. It also comes in any colour or design you desire here at Chestnut Flooring.

  • Resiliency to fluctuating temperatures
  • Layer of felt underneath flooring makes it soft underfoot and warm to the touch
  • Versatility in style and design

Living and Dining Room Flooring Trends

Along with some living and dining room styles that have been center stage for a few years, there are some newcomers on the scene. Here are the latest trends you may want to consider:

  • Bright-colored wood. Bright is right! One of the hottest new trends is to choose wood flooring for living areas that have bright undertones that fit well in a soft atmosphere and brighten the room as well.
  • Concrete tiles. Neutral and natural-colored tiles come together in this new fashion statement. Tile is easy to care for and holds up to practically anything you and your family can dish out plus it’s perfect for a minimalist air.
  • Hexagon patterns. Hexagon is more popular than ever, especially when it’s an earthy color that enriches the design and goes with a natural décor. You’ll find this pattern in tiles of many types like ceramic and porcelain.
  • Unique patterns. Unusual, unique patterns are taking over for the season. They can be found in ceramic and porcelain tiles.
  • Classic herringbone. The classic herringbone pattern never goes out of style. Available in wood, ceramic, porcelain, and even in linoleum, it’s gorgeous in a modern living or family area. Black is the most popular herringbone color.
  • Bleached wood. Light and airy is “in”. To lighten up the flooring, consider bleaching the wood or purchasing it pre-bleached. Your living area will look bigger, brighter, and softer too.
  • Aged wood. Aged solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring with vintage appeal are hotter than ever. The worn effect brings a warmth to the room that a family enjoys together and is welcoming for guests who visit as well. Different shades go best with various decorating colors and designs so you can play around with some samples.
  • Concrete tiles. If you family room or living room is a contemporary setting, concrete tiles have just the look you may be trying to incorporate. The raw look is super popular and goes with modern décor and industrial decorating schemes too.
  • Bold-colored tiles. Be bold and brave! Add a new statement when you go with bold-colored tiles. Everyone else is! Don’t worry though, no two look alike.
  • Terrazzo style. Terrazzo is a stunning design that is wildly popular in flooring. The design combines particles of stone and marble on a neutral background to produce the sparkle that will make your room outstanding.
  • Royal green everything! From the living or family room flooring to everything else in the room, royal green is the best next thing.

Trending Floor Colors

  • White and White Undertones. Light white or neutral colors with white undertones are the trending colors. The idea is to add a soft yet rich atmosphere to the room.
  • It’s a wash! White washing is still a thing for the upcoming fashion season. Adding the streaks of white make everything cheery and bright.
  • Gray all the way! Gray is back although it really never went out. Go with various tones of classic gray so they blend and serve as the perfect background for other colors.
  • Warm walnut. The natural brown hues of walnut are a big deal this year for a cozy look and feel. You’ll find the color in solid walnut hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood flooring, and in look-alike walnut flooring. Even if you don’t bring in the real wood, you can decorate with the color and choose laminate or ceramic or porcelain tile to accent it.
  • Gray hardwood. Gray hardwood is one of the best sellers these days. It can practically be paired with anything in the family or living room, especially when setting a modern or contemporary atmosphere.
  • Textured laminate. Laminate is a breeze to care for and it’s very stylish for the upcoming season so do yourself a favor and take your pick of the many varieties it comes in that perfectly fit your living area and your lifestyle.
  • Scraped wood. If your living room is rustic or farmhouse, you’ll be delighted to know that the look is trending, and you’ll find plenty of varieties in many woods and engineered wood floorings.
  • Pop the cork! Cork is back in bigger than ever. It’s a natural approach that’s smooth and comfy and is the perfect solution to a family room flooring for some.

Laying it All Out

Your living or family room is your family’s retreat. It may also be the place you entertain. Flooring sets the mood for the room and ties your décor together. The more you know about the options that are available to you, the better choices you’ll make when it comes to flooring your special space.

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