Condominium Flooring Ideas

Condominium living is one of the most popular lifestyle trends

A proper flooring execution can transform a condominium space and give it it’s own style and character. We’ve prepared a list of recommendations to guide your flooring design, as well as a list of collections that are perfect for condo suites.

Condo Flooring: General Guidelines

A lot of the time, designing a condo space is similar to designing a home. However, there are some areas around which you could take a condo flooring design to the next level.

  • Maximize the perception of space: Condos are often much more limited in space. Therefore, its important to utilize a style and color format that maximizes the space and makes it appear larger. A good way of doing so is by using lighter color hues, and to avoid large color contrasts between the floors, walls, and furniture.
  • Leverage the added sunlight: Condos are often built with larger ceilings and more window surface area. Take advantage of these features by using flooring components that are complemented well by sunlight, such as smooth hardwood surfaces.
  • Unique Styles: A lot of new condo developments utilize the standard dark hued hardwood flooring execution. Add some flare to your suite by using flooring materials that aren’t as commonly utilized in condo spaces, such as carpet tiles and vibrant luxury vinyl

Hardwood Floors For Condos

Given that condos are generally smaller in terms of square footage, the total cost of installing hardwood floors is generally then much lower compared to installing hardwood floors for an entire home. 

You can also get very creative with hardwood and make your condo stand out compared to the common condo floor styles that many are familiar. 

Unique Hardwood Styles

You can also get very creative with hardwood and make your condo stand out compared to the common condo floor styles that many are familiar. You can do this by integrating unique styles, like patterns and wide plank floors.

Parquets / Patterned Hardwood

Wide Plank

Special considerations for condos

With condos, however, there are extra things that you need to consider. Condo corporation board approval, sound absorption, and even getting all of the materials up to your unit – these are all things that are largely unique to condominium residents.

Hardwood Flooring For Condos: A Complete Guide

Laminate and Luxury Vinyl Floors 

Prefer an option that is generally easier to install and more cost effective? Laminate and luxury vinyl floors make for an excellent alternative to hardwood floors.

The key benefit with these two floor types is that many times, they can be installed using the floating installation method. That means they can be installed without the use of nails or glue, which is particularly important for condos, which often have concrete subfloors. (Keep in mind though, that a lot of engineered hardwood products can be installed using the floating installation method too!)

Additionally, some of these products also come with underpadding already attached under the floor pieces, adding an additional sound barrier, which is a big factor for condo living.

Vinyl & Laminate With Style

Opting for vinyl and laminate floors doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. With advancements in manufacturing over the years, laminates and vinyls can look and feel extra luxurious, putting them on an even level in terms of style as hardwood.

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