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Bedroom Flooring

Comfortable Flooring Is The Name Of The Bedroom Game

The traditional flooring choice for bedrooms is the option that is universally most comfortable – carpet. However, there are other suitable choices that fit the bedroom feng shui as well. Cork flooring and laminate flooring are also smart choices.

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Bedroom Flooring Option #1: Carpet

Carpet is the #1 choice for bedroom flooring. The bedroom is the room in the house where you get to unwind and lay your head to rest. It must therefore be the most comfortable room in your humble abode. 


Carpet is certainly the most soft,cozy, and foot-friendly option for your bedroom floor. It makes it easy to stand for long stretches of time and its padded surface is great for families with small children.


Carpet is made of delightfully warm material that makes it a joy for your feet to step onto on chilly morning. It also insulates the floor and traps as much heat in the room as possible, keeping you cozy on cold winter nights.


Carpet is a quiet material that lessens the noise that comes from someone walking or playing in the room. Usually located on the top floor of the home, bedrooms benefit from this as the carpet muffles the sounds for people elsewhere in the house. 

Bedroom Flooring Option #2: Cork

Cork flooring is another soft, warm option for your bedroom flooring. When it comes to choosing a room in your home where cork flooring suits best, most home owner choose the bedroom for its soft and cozy qualities.

  • Insulation: Cork is an excellent insulator, helping to keep your bedroom warm and cozy during the winter months. It helps to regulate the room’s temperature by minimizing the transmission of heat out of the room. 
  • Hypoallergenic: Cork is a great hypoallergenic alternative to carpet. As opposed to carpet, cork does not collect dust or build up with other sensitive allergens.
  • Comfort: Cork is a very flexible, springy material that makes it comfortable and soothing to walk on. This makes it easy to stretch or stand for long periods of time.
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Bedroom Flooring Option #3: Laminate

Carpet and cork flooring are great options if you’re looking for comfort and warmth. However, some people prefer the qualities of laminate flooring for their bedroom, instead.

  • Cost-effective: Laminate is one of the most economical choices for your bedroom.
  • Mimics expensive materials: Although it is economical, laminate flooring can be manufactured to have the same look and feel as more expensive materials. 
  • Easy Maintenance: While flooring materials such as carpet may be difficult to clean, laminate flooring is quick and easy to maintain.

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