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We offer exclusive benefits and perks for Interior Designers, including preferred pricing, exclusive product selections, and much more.

Working With Interior Designers Across The GTA

We offer premium preferred services for interior designers in and around the Greater Toronto Area with a multitude of exclusive perks and benefits. With our massive selection of flooring products, we’ll help you find something to achieve your specific design vision.

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Additional Benefits

CAD Flooring Design Layout

To provide expert level precision, we offer CAD design and planning. If you have your own CAD files, then we can use them to prepare the floors you select to the exact specifications needed.

Designers At Heart

We are interior design enthusiasts, and some of us even have design backgrounds. As such, we speak your language - and we'll usually have a good sense of what you're looking for.

Professional Installation

Need assistance with the execution / installation aspect? We have a team of professional floor installers, that are immediately available and execute to the highest level of precision.

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