Floor Buying Guides

Learn all of the key things to know when choosing flooring for a specific type of space or part of the home.

Duality Premium Collection

Bathroom Flooring

All About Bathroom Flooring Bathrooms are one of the most popular rooms in a home to remodel. One spruced up bathroom raises the home’s value

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Vidar Flooring's Maple 5" Collection

Bedroom Flooring

Comfortable Flooring Is The Name Of The Bedroom Game When it comes to selecting flooring for your bedroom, there are a multitude of options to

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Success 834

Commercial Flooring

Creating a pleasant and productive space Your physical retail / commercial space is an extension of your brand and significantly influences how your business is

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Cottage Style Tips

Bringing chic flair to the cottage For many, the cottage is their summer home away from home. To maximize the cottage experience, it’s important to

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Dining Room Flooring

Dining room flooring needs durability, maintainability, and project a warm atmosphere The dining room is typically used for more formal occasions when guests are over.

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Family Room Flooring

The Typical Family Room Experiences A High Volume Of Foot Traffic…And More A family or living room floor should be durable yet comfortable to accommodate

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Kids Room Flooring

Plush, soft comfort should be the goal of every kids room flooring Children are always hard at play and prone to stumbles, tumbles, trips, and

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Kitchen Flooring

For a room where the family gathers to prepare food, eat, talk, and socialize, why does the kitchen receive the least luxurious treatment? With all

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Stair Flooring

There’s something about stairs that’s near magical. They give an air of suspense – what do they lead to? They increase the space of your

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