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European flooring: Styles, Trends, Tips, Materials

Gone are the days when the generic checkered or plain flooring was the trend in US, now a days people opt for more stylish designs, if you were to select a flooring then won’t you want it to be something trendy and stylish as well. Well then you should take a look at the European Oak Flooring because it is one of the most popular flooring choices in the United States these days.

European Flooring In North America

It is available abundantly all over the country; it is very durable and tends to last longer as compared to other styles, and the best part is that it is very easy to work with. American Oak can be distinguished into two different categories namely White Oak and Red Oak. Both these types of American Oak are equally popular hardwood flooring choices in the United States. Both of them are very long lasting, they have some oil content in the manufacturing process but that does not interfere with the finishing of the wood or effect the quality in any manner.

But here comes the twist, the residents of United States of America and other commercial firms have been demanding European Oak these days, so apparently the European Oak is way ahead in the race of trends for flooring options in United States of America.

What exactly is European Oak?

It is an unquestionably beautiful hardwood that is found in various European Countries. European Oak comes from Germany, France and England. European Oak is well known for longer lengths and wider widths. The milling of the European Oak is carried out and it is converted to a fine finish of flooring. The final touch of the European Oak is given by using and oil which is absorbed into the wood itself.

There has been a popular demand for oil finish in the United States since the manufacturers have been processing extremely appealing hardwood floor designs using oil finish, the oil basically seals the gap in the hardwood and makes it more durable. You can get European Flooring styled for you in various colors and pseudo patterns, the overall finish is outstanding and hence the demand for the European flooring is racing up in America.

Handscraped T&G Hickory Collection

Handscraped T&G Maple Collection

Flooring for Every Room and Every Budget

There is one thing that cannot be neglected in the recent trend of flooring that is up in the market and that is the fact the consumers are no longer opting for the generic and naturally occurring stone ad tile. Everyone needs a little style these days and style is available for all pockets, manufacturers have made sure that such floorings are made which will be suitable for every pocket.

Manufacturers have refined their techniques for creating the natural looks in various varieties of materials which are more durable and attractive. The old ceramic and marble tile option with limited variety are long gone and now is the time when you take a second look into the brand new European Flooring options that are being adopted by the whole United Nations.

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