Do Heated Floors Use a Lot of Electricity?

Heated floors are fantastic. They keep your feet warm when walking over them in the winter and even raise the temperature of your whole house. While heated floor systems are now being made affordable for the average homeowner, many shy away from the idea because they think they will use a ton of electricity. Such is not necessarily the case though.

What you may not realize is that portable electric heaters use a ton of electricity. Depending on which type you have, a portable unit can cost up to three times more than a heated floor for one single bathroom. Even running the water heater typically costs more than heating a floor and the same is true for running appliances on the grid.

Of course, if you are running floor heating throughout the house, your electric bill will most likely go up. But, taking into consideration that your electric heating bill for the central unit should go down, it is likely to balance out.

Some floor heating units are more economical than others. And it will also depend on where you set the heat. If you keep it on high all the time, your bill will be higher than if you keep it on a moderate setting and only use it when the weather is really cold, not just cool.

Where your home is situated is yet another factor to consider. If it’s exposed to frigid wind or extremely cold temperatures, it will require more electric to heat unless it is heavily insulated.
There are many details you’ll want to think about but checking it out and doing some research is the best way to start.

What it Boils Down To

If you’re not fond of cold flooring, you might want to investigate getting a floor heating system. You may find the thing that is holding you back is the very reason you should get one because many homeowners have found that having floor heating actually saves them money in the long run.

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