Do Dark Floors Make a Room Look Smaller?

Is it a myth? Or, do dark floors really make a room look smaller? The time has come to make it known that dark floors do NOT make a room look smaller.

There are many things that DO make a room look smaller. Dark walls can. Large furniture definitely does. But dark floors add a richness to the décor and if played right, can actually make a room look more spacious.

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How to Make Dark Flooring Work for You

The truth of the matter is that studies concerning human color perception have proven that people perceive bright objects to be closer than the same object that is a darker color. Dark colors absorb light which make a space feel smaller…unless you work it correctly. Since light moves throughout the day, different points of the day reflect differently and at some of the points, a dark room tends to look larger.

The edges of the room are what really determine how large or small the room looks. When you brighten and/or lighten up the edges of any given room, it will automatically make it look more spacious. This can be accomplished by painting the walls a lighter color or lightening up the trim.

Decorating a Dark Floored Room

When using dark flooring, be sure to pair it with lighter colored furniture. Brighten the room with white curtains or at least use a color that’s not dark. It’s alright for the walls to be medium to dark but only if the furniture, curtains, and throw rugs are light or bright. Another trick is to have as much natural light streaming in as possible.

If your walls are light, you can get by with dark furniture that matches your walls but you will want to add in a bright or light rug and maybe some throw pillows too.

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About Dark Flooring

There are many options when it comes to dark floors. You can go with laminant, title, marble, vinyl, or wood. Dark wood choices include cherry, walnut, mahogany, and many more.


Mahogany is a favorite because it is extremely classy and timeless. It can be pricey but you get what you pay for. It is most likely going to last a lifetime if you treat it right. It can be found in rustic versions and also in sleek, modern styles.


Oak isn’t as strong (or as expensive) as mahogany but it is an excellent choice for dark floors. Like mahogany, oak can be found in both rustic and sleek, modern versions. Oak is lighter and tends to have a greyish cast unless you go with red oak or golden oak.


Cherry wood flooring is as classy and elegant as they come. It tends to be fairly soft so you don’t want it in a high traffic area but it is perfect for special rooms like studies or formal situations. I can be pricey but it has a unique appeal you just may fall in love with.


Walnut is dark and can pull off any look like rustic or formal. It’s natural color tends to hide dirt, mud, and such. Walnut is a timeless favorite that lasts for decades if not centuries.


Dark flooring has a multitude of advantages. It is easy to keep because it doesn’t show dirt and mud like light colored floors do. It also gives a certain appeal to any room which can be tailored to fit your style such as modern, rustic, or classic. As long as you decorate and arrange in a method that is conducive to bringing out the best in your dark floored room, you simply can’t go wrong when you debunk the myth that dark floors make a room look smaller.

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