Chestnut Flooring Collaboration With IsThatSoh

Chestnut Flooring has been proud to collaborate with IsThatSoh as the exclusive flooring provider for this beautiful Victorian home renovation project in Toronto.

The Delivery

The process began in 2022 when we and Soheila from IsThatSoh connected regarding supplying flooring for this incredible complete home renovation project. 

After coming in to our store and picking out her desired hardwood floor styles, and going through all of the unique considerations to keep in mind for her specific project, Soheila’s hardwood floors were ready to be delivered.


Preparation and installation of the floors started with the second floor of the home and then onto the main floor.

For the upstairs part we provided these delightful red oak straight plank solid hardwood floors. As an above grade area, solid hardwood floors an excellent option for the second floor and living spaces of the home. 

Solid hardwood offers the brilliant charm and quality of real wood floors, and can be refinished many times over into the future, giving them superior longevity.

Red oak hardwood was an excellent choice in particular, given its exceptional durability and it’s beautiful natural warmth.

The focal point of the flooring execution however was in the main floor area, with these striking white oak herringbone floors

The herringbone pattern is among the most captivating flooring designs, loved for its timeless charm and elegance. 

They look particularly stunning in this white oak variation, where the unique character of each plank is accentuated, giving a wonderfully natural look. 

The Outcome

The final outcome is nothing short of spectacular. The striking solid straight plank hardwood and herringbone hardwood floors provide an alluring aesthetic that provides a certain depth and elegant charm to the space.

They are an excellent complement to some of the other beautiful aesthetic components and accents used across the home, such as the magnificent ornate plaster crown moldings and cast iron radiator.

Overall, we are exceptionally pleased to have been part of this unique journey and to see this incredible project come to fruition.

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