Hardwood Floor Refinisher

Job Description: Hardwood Floor Refinisher

Chestnut Flooring is looking for skilled Hardwood Floor Refinisher (Sand & Stain).

Job Summary: 

Responsible for refinishing (i.e. running edger sanding machine, applying stain/finish, etc.)in establishments such as buildings, restaurants, homes, offices, and factories.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Inspect and clean surface in preparation.
  • Measure area to determine amount of work needed.
  • Confer with supervisor or homeowner to determine ideal outcome.
  • Sand the floor, sweep, vacuum & wash, apply stain to the hardwood, and apply clear top coat
  • Clean up, mop up floors, and inspect finished work for flaws.
  • Replace any defective flooring material.
  • Supervise flooring assistants.
  • Work with installers, carpenters, carpet installers, architects, engineers, and other workers to get appropriate job specs.

Job Type: Full-time


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