Can You Use a Steam Mop on Hardwood Floors?

Steam mops are almost as popular as hardwood floors are. But can a steam mop be used safely on hardwood? Actually, they certain can. But proceed with caution.

Precautions to Take

Steam mops are amazing when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing your floors. Statistics prove they kill around 99.9% of household germs and bacteria.

Wood flooring is amazing too. It is timeless, durable, and…well, it can be expensive. You certainly don’t want to ruin it.

If you are going to clean your hardwood flooring with a steam mop, be sure to:

  • Be sure your floor is not compromised as weak spots are prone to soak up moisture.
  • Do not steam a wood floor that is exceptionally thin.
  • Only used on sealed hardwood.
  • Make sure to only get the floor damp, never wet.
  • Never allow excess water to remain on the flooring.
  • Vacuum and/or sweep the floor before steaming it.
  • Use the lowest setting on the steam mop.
  • Use products (natural if possible) that are make for wood floors.
  • Be sure to use a top-quality mop.
  • Never use scratchy surfaced cloths on the mop.
  • Only steam your floors occasionally so as not to oversaturate or heat them.


With the measures above in place, your hardwood flooring should be shiny and new looking in no time and…germ free as well.

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