Can You Restain Laminate Floors?

Laminate is one of the most affordable, versatile, and stylish options in floor coverings. Sometimes, however, it’s time for a new look. Whether it’s due to wear and tear or just a change in taste, many homeowners find themselves wondering if they can restain laminate flooring.

Before the final verdict, let’s look at what laminate flooring really is…

Laminate Flooring 101

Laminate flooring is a hybrid floor covering. It consists of a base comprised of particleboard wood that’s topped by an image layer. A transparent “wear layer” is above the image layer.

Laminate flooring holds up well to heavy traffic, pets, children, and so forth. There’s a reason and that reason is all the treatments it undergoes during the manufacturing process.

The Question Remains

Due to the extensive conditioning and treating of laminate flooring, it is not a candidate for restaining. The stain on it was put there through a series of steps that cannot be duplicated. The very coating on it will resist the staining process which is a good thing when your child draws on it with a permanent marker or your party guest spills wine on it. When you are hoping to restain it, however, you may not be too happy about not being able to change it.

Before you get too down about it, you might want to consider other alternatives. One is you can always take it up and replace it with another type of flooring or different laminate. Laminate is affordable so it’s a viable option for many.

If redoing the flooring is not a possibility for you, you can cover it with a rug, or multiple rugs. You might be surprised what a change you’ll see – especially if you add in a new sofa or wall décor.

Laminate is a great investment. It lasts a long time because it’s so durable so do be sure you absolutely love the color and pattern before committing to it since it can’t be stained if you get tired of it.

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